Morbius Twitter Thread Lets You Read The Entire Movie With Pictures

Ever since its release and the subsequent negative reviews that Morbius received from both critics and audiences, the film has become the butt of many jokes on social media over the last several months. The jokes have actually become so prevalent that even the movie’s stars are falling for them. Tyrese made headlines recently when he shared a fake review purportedly written by Martin Scorsese, who is famously critical of comic book movies, praising Morbius. He quickly deleted the post.

This thread is just the latest example of the internet taking shots at the Leto movie, suggesting Twitter users read the movie one tweet at a time over watching it. While most of the attention the movie gets isn’t exactly positive, it certainly has people engaged, for better or worse, which could ironically actually lead Sony to consider a Morbius 2. Whether or not a sequel ever does come, there are plenty of Morbius memes and jokes to enjoy in the meantime.

Source: Twitter/fyrishere

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