My Time at Sandrock: How to Make a Furnace

Once players have a Furnace, they’ll need to ensure it has enough water and fuel. Keeping the Water Tank supplied with a sufficient amount of water to cool all crafting stations is a priority in My Time at Sandrock. Water can be crafted at the worktable using 10 Dew, or it can be purchased from Burgess at the Water World shop. However, the price for water will increase after a few purchases due to the shortage in Sandrock.

Aside from donating to the Museum or completing commissions, the Furnace can be used to refine crafting materials. The Furnace can turn Stones into Bricks, Dinas into Glass, and Copper Ore into Copper Bars. Additionally, players can deposit Copper Ore and Tin Ore to get Bronze Bars, and Clay and Dinas can be put into the Furnace to obtain Ceramic Bottles. Additional recipes for the Furnace can be found or purchased to create Ceramic Plates and Marble Bricks.

Eventually, players will be able to build a higher-tier crafting station, the Civil Furnace. The upgraded Furnace has five additional recipes and two production slots, and each queue has an increased capacity in My Time at Sandrock. Data Discs will need to be delivered to the Research Center to receive the Civil Furnace diagram in the mail. Unlocking the Civil Furnace isn’t necessary at the start of the game, but players should start working toward it after progressing a bit further.

My Time at Sandrock is available on Steam in Early Access.

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