My Time at Sandrock: How to Make Thick Rope

Now that the protagonist has procured the recipe in My Time at Sandrock, they can view the required raw resources to craft a bundle of Thick Rope. To make Thick Rope, players will need Plant Fiber ×4. As one would expect, Plant Fibers come from plant-based nodes found throughout the world. These nodes include various desert shrubs, piles of wood, tumbleweeds, and even small plants like Oregano. Thanks to the abundance of all these items, it should not be too difficult to gather enough Plant Fiber to craft the required Thick Rope ×6 in this indie crafting sim game.

Outside of Missions, Thick Rope can be used to craft other useful items, such as the Basic Sandfish Trap. Moreover, players can give this Refined Crafting Material as a gift to NPCs such as Fang. However, other items would probably be more suitable to increase Friendship.

My Time at Sandrock is available in Early Access on Steam.

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