Netflix Subscriber Disaster Explains Stranger Things Season 4 Split

As Netflix faces grim circumstances in the near future, it should prudently reconsider its steps, especially considering the amount of money it has shelled out. strange things season 4. Apparently every strange things The season 4 episode is budgeted at $30 million, with the raise covering possible salary increases and production costs. The decision to release the season in two parts is a potential way to attract more subscribers by keeping a show that millions have long awaited. As a result, he can probably offset the $200 million-plus budget for the season and generate more revenue.

Netflix Priority strange things in their creative and operational decisions is understandable. After all, the popularity the retro-themed sci-fi mystery show brought was a big part of making Netflix the streaming giant it is today. I hope the release of strange things Season 4 will not only alleviate this current subscriber mess, but also inspire a change in the way Netflix works.

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