Netflix’s Resident Evil Character Trick Avoids The Movies’ Silliest Problem

One of the most frustrating elements of Jovovich’s final entry Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – which featured a big Alice twist – was that it didn’t address the fates of key characters. In the ending of the previous film, Alice joined the game’s heroes like Leon, Jill Valentine, and others in what promised to be an epic battle for humanity; in the final chapter opening, everyone except Alice disappeared without explanation. Jovovich later confirmed collider that since they weren’t allowed to kill off video game characters, they had to introduce new characters for the final movie.

This mandate appears to have been extended to Welcome to Raccoon City, where all the key characters from the game survive the movie. While it would certainly be controversial to kill off beloved characters like Chris or Jill in a movie, the realization that neither of them may perish completely dilutes the suspense. by netflix resident Evil (which may have game connections) you don’t have to follow these rules if Wesker, a key villain in games and movies, is the only one to return. That’s not to say the show doesn’t introduce classic characters in later installments, but at least with this new approach, the fate of the show’s characters is no longer so certain.

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