Newt Was Ripley’s Perfect Heir as Proven by Dark Horse’s Aliens Comics

In the films, Newt’s story ends as simply a girl who faced xenomorphs, was rescued, then died as a result of the crash landing in Alien 3. In the Alien comics, however, Newt is able to grow into a young adult, between the ages of 19 and 25, based on the varying ages given to her in different Aliens media as well as a thirteen-year gap between events in the comics. Newt isn’t a soldier by any means, but she IS a survivor who hangs out with the right people. The Aliens comics show her toughen up a bit and even though she’s severely unprepared, Newt’s ready to face death in the hopes of saving a girl in a situation similar to hers. With more preparation and weaponry, it wouldn’t be hard to believe that she would become a true fighter against the xenomorph threat. Her experiences and ability to survive tough situations put her at an advantage and with more experience, she has the heart to be a fierce protector like Ripley was towards her.

Even though Newt still needs Ripley to help her save Amy, the rescue is successful. This kind of Alien story could have served as a passing of the torch between these women. Using a time jump like the comics, the films could have taken this route, allowing a new heroine to take the narrative in a different direction. This comic shows Newt’s humanity and desire to be a hero for one child, even against impossible odds, when she could just as easily leave her to die. Newt would have been Ripley’s perfect successor in the Alien franchise had Alien 3 taken a route more similar to the one chosen by Dark Horse Comics.

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