Nightwing’s Secret Justice League Role Explains Why He Isn’t on the Team

It makes sense from a strategic position. The Justice League may be composed of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, but they’re not immortal. “They’re just people,” The Atom muses at one point during the “Obsidian Age” story, “Very special people… but sometimes, even very special people die.” Batman surely calculated the risks the members of the Justice League encounter on a daily basis, and realized not all of them would be coming back. Considering the Justice League just recently died in DC Comics, this is probably smart. Thus, Batman put a contingency plan in place should anything happen to any of them… which may ultimately explain why Nightwing isn’t a full-time member. After all, if the former Boy Wonder had been with the League when they attempted to retrieve Aquaman from the past, he would have been lost in time with the rest of the team. Ever the strategist, Batman knew that Grayson had to be kept out of the JLA roster in case just such an event ever transpired.

It’s a good thing, too, as the planet descends into chaos shortly after the Justice League goes missing. Nightwing and his ragtag group of heroes find themselves with their hands full, including having to deal with each other. Yet in spite of the personal conflicts that arise between the new team’s eclectic roster, Nightwing acquits himself well to the role of leader. The replacement League ably deals with the disasters left following the original team’s disappearance and eventually helps bring the classic team back into the present day. He may deserve to be on the roster, but it turns out that Batman was smart to keep Grayson out of the JLA Watchtower. Nightwing could never be a member of the Justice League full-time because they’ll need him should they ever fall again.

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