Oppenheimer Set Photos Reveal Casey Affleck Is Cast In New Nolan Movie

In the photo you can get some details about Affleck’s role. Given his costume and the time period in which the film is set, it seems likely that Affleck will play a soldier or an officer. His costume is almost identical to that of Damon, who plays Leslie Groves, an officer in the Army Corps of Engineers. Perhaps audiences will see Affleck acting alongside Damon in a military setting and interacting with Oppenheimer in that way.

Given that Affleck is such an acclaimed actor, it’s interesting that his role in Oppenheimer has not been officially announced. Perhaps the publication of this photo will cause an official announcement of Oppenheimerthe producers of . With the sheer number of people in the cast, it’s almost become a joke that Nolan would invite just about everyone in Hollywood to star in his next movie. Affleck is the latest surprise addition to the set and the set photo shows production moving quickly. Oppenheimer it is currently scheduled for a summer 2023 release.

Source: The Daily Mail

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