Orange Is The New Black: Every Major Character That Was Killed Off (And Why)

Tricia (Madeline Brewer, from The Handmaid’s Tale) was one of the lightest and most endearing characters in orange is the new black season 1, but struggled with issues of abandonment and substance abuse. She was one of the youngest inmates at Litchfield at 19 and she helped out in the kitchen. Her problems were made clear as early as episode 4 when she attempted to plant drugs in her girlfriend’s bunk on the day of her release only to be found by a prison officer. Fortunately, she was caught in the act and she said, “jIt is not love.” Tricia’s backstory was explored in episode 10 when it was learned that she ran away from her house when she was a teenager to escape her rapist stepfather. She and a friend of hers depended on the robbery to survive, but she kept a notebook of everything she stole with the intention of one day giving back to her victims.

During Episode 9, it was learned that CO George “Pornstache” Mendez smuggled drugs through the prison and provided them to Tricia. When his drug supply had a problem, he forced Red to help him smuggle drugs to help Tricia get out of it. Red refused and asked Tricia to turn herself in, resulting in a sentence extension and a sentence to USD. Afterwards, Tricia went to Red to apologize, but Red said that he was done with her. Mendez heavily armed Tricia to help distribute the rest of the drugs, and she tragically ended up overdosing on them. Méndez covered up the overdose by presenting it as a suicide by hanging. However, Red and Nikki knew the truth, and Tricia’s death hit them particularly hard because they felt responsible. The two then conspired to eliminate Mendez once and for all.

Yvonne “Vee” Parker – Season 2

Vee (Lorraine Toussaint de concrete cowboys) arrived at Litchfield during orange is the new black season 2 and quickly became a powerful figure among the inmates. She acted as the main antagonist of the season and Red’s adversary. Vee was a highly charismatic, intelligent, and manipulative sociopath who used people as pawns and rejected anyone who got in her way, regardless of her loyalty. . Arriving in Litchfield, she immediately saw Suzanne, also known as “Crazy Eyes”, as an easy target to manipulate. She took advantage of her love desperation and used it for her criminal organization inside the prison.

Vee was also a mother figure to Taystee (Pacifier‘s Danielle Brooks) out of jail and quickly drove a wedge between her and her best friend, Poussey, when Poussey rejected Vee’s takeover of the Blacks. Vee also had Red brutally beaten when she refused to sell her “business of hers.” After all the vengeful stabbing and pain it caused beloved characters, Vee’s death was probably one of the most satisfying on the show. During an escape attempt, she was run over by another escapee, Rosa, who then said: “Still so rude this.” Vee’s body was then left on the side of the road.

Rosa Cisneros – Season 2

One of the most enigmatic characters in orange is the new blackMiss Rose (moon knight(Barbara Rosenblat) was one of the first inmates Piper met upon arriving at Litchfield. When Red starved Piper to death for insulting her cooking, Rosa told him that she had similar problems in her first week in prison and had to fight with the other inmates to work things out. “If I had I won has been there Hefa,” she says. Needless to say, this didn’t calm Piper’s nerves.

During Season 2, the Rosa-centric episode finally gave the mysterious character some backstory. In her youth, she was a bank robber, but she became reckless and was eventually arrested and sent to a maximum security prison. Allegedly, after she was diagnosed with cancer, she was transferred to Litchfield. Rosa was not seen again after escaping from her, but it is assumed that she died off-screen and eventually succumbed to her terminal illness. Still, there was some comfort in knowing that she had died a free woman.

Poussey Washington – Season 4

pushed (The Handmaid’s Tale‘s Samira Wiley) had one of the most devastating deaths in orange is the new black. She was one of the more sensible and intelligent inmates and she liked to joke around with her best friend, Taystee; she was in fact in love with Taystee, but Taystee was straight and her feelings were unrequited. Poussey avoided violence and was one of the few to resist Vee’s manipulation during season 2. In season 3, her mother died and she fell into a dark depression and came back to life. ‘alcoholism. However, with Taystee’s help, she snapped out of her depression.

In season 4, the inmates started a peaceful protest in the cafeteria, calling for Captain Piscatella to resign for his horrendous treatment of many women in the prison. Suzanne grew increasingly upset, and as Poussey tried to calm her down, CO Bayley tackled her to the ground. Due to improper training, Bayley accidentally strangled Poussey to death, much to everyone’s horror, especially Taystee, who was sobbing uncontrollably, begging her friend to wake up from her. Poussey’s death was brazenly handled and little to no justice served, a fact that spread among the inmates and contributed greatly to the start of a prison riot in Season 5.

Thomas Humphrey – Season 5

CO Humphrey was the main antagonist of orange is the new black season 4. At first glance, he seemed like a decent guy and a good co-worker, but he later revealed that he was a sadistic sociopath who enjoyed tormenting and abusing inmates. At one point, he forced Martiza to eat a dead mouse at gunpoint. During the prison riot, in the first episode of orange is the new black season 5, a group of inmates surrounded two COs, including Humphrey. He had smuggled a gun into the prison, but when he grabbed it, Martiza snatched it out of his hands and Daya picked it up. The other inmates goaded Daya into shooting him, and as Humphrey pleaded for her life in Spanish, Daya shot him in the leg in annoyance.

Gloria took Humphrey to Sophia to sew him up in an effort to protect Daya from life in prison for murder. After initially refusing to be treated by a trans person, he eventually relented because she was her only chance of survival. Sophia took him to a prison nurse who treated his injury and placed him in a hospital bed between Maureen and Suzanne. While talking to women about various methods of torture, Humphrey suffered a stroke in the second episode of the troubled fifth season. Maureen revealed that she blew air into his IV to kill him, but she only put him in a coma. However, his injuries and further abuse by other inmates ultimately led to his death. His body was left in a broom closet to be found later by the CERT team.

Desi Piscatella – Season 5

Captain Piscatella (Brad William Henke) was one of the orange is the new blackthe most notorious villains. He was a bully to the inmates and extremely lazy on his job, which rubbed off on his commanders. Most of his subordinates lacked adequate experience to perform their duties effectively, which had a ripple effect on the way the prison was run and the way inmates were treated. The brutality and recklessness became so intolerable that inmates staged a protest demanding his resignation, resulting in Poussey’s death. This further unionized the inmates against the guards, sparking the riot. During orange is the new blackIn the season 5 cliffhanger, Piscatella was accidentally shot by one of the CERT officers, whom they concealed and pinned on Taystee, who was later found guilty of his murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Maureen Kukudio—Season 6

Maureen (Emily Althaus) was a secondary antagonist of orange is the new black season 4 but later became Suzanne’s love interest. She was shy and had difficulty expressing her feelings, preferring to express herself through poetry. However, what started out as a healthy relationship quickly turned toxic as she became increasingly irrational and erratic and began to manipulate Suzanne. One of Maureen’s darkest moments came when Suzanne humiliated her, so Maureen offered to fight Suzanne for the guard’s amusement. Although Suzanne was reluctant to fight back at first, she ended up hitting Maureen hard. Due to lack of medical care during the riot that broke out shortly after the fight, Maureen died of her injuries off-screen during orange is the new black season 6

Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett – Season 7

Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning) was an antagonistic character for most of the early seasons of orange is the new black and constantly causing trouble for Piper and her friends. She was sent to prison for the murder of a nurse at an abortion clinic who commented on her multiple abortions. Ironically, this led to her gaining a religious following due to the belief that she killed the nurse for her anti-abortion views. Her religious fanatics got to her head and she began to believe that she was a messenger from God, a fantasy that eventually landed her in the psych ward.

In later seasons, Pennsatucky became an oddly likeable character, mostly due to repeated abuse from others. He also seemed to mature in his opinion of him and had more compassion with each passing season. He had one of the most compelling character arcs, which made his death even more heartbreaking. During season 7 of orange is the new black, was determined to finally get her GED and learned that she had struggled with reading all her life because she suffered from dyslexia. When it was time for her to take her test, her teacher did not complete the necessary paperwork to give her more time to take the test. She was convinced that she had failed and that her life had deceived her again. In her grief, she committed suicide by overdose.

What was more devastating was that Pennsatucky had passed the test. She was later found by a distraught Taystee, who was disgusted to see another life taken away by the broken prison system. Pennsatucky was the last death of orange is the new black and one of the most heartbreaking, as it was completely avoidable and unnecessary: ​​a tragedy that happens all too often in reality and one that the series hasn’t shied away from portraying.

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