Overwatch 2 cracks 1.4 million Twitch viewers as fans pile in hunting beta keys

The best way to enter overwatch 2 beta It boils down to watching a select group of streamers on Twitch for four hours, and to no one’s surprise, this strategy caused Overwatch’s viewership to skyrocket.

As of this writing, the Overwatch Category it has just over 1.4 million viewers, with around a fifth watching popular streamer xQc. The other top streamers draw between 30,000 and 130,000 viewers, and there are countless others that round out the category, with the vast majority of them playing Overwatch 2 (which is lumped into the same category).

Obviously, the game’s audience has been swollen heavily by players simply logging in to get a beta key, some of them probably AFK or on duplicate accounts, but the first Overwatch 2 beta definitely turned heads. ‘Caveat.

With the release of Overwatch 2, or at least its PvP component, finally starting to look like A Real Thing, fans of the long-stalled shooter are excited to see it at the top of Twitch again.

overwatch_on_1_million_viewers from r/Overwatch

its_so_refreshing_seeing_ow_so_high_again_in_the der/Overwatch

Obviously, views of the game will drop in the coming days as the beta winds down, but Overwatch’s audience has definitely grown lately. The original game hasn’t changed, but Blizzard is finally getting into the thick of the sequel genre. explain character redesigns like Orisa’s Y detailing new characters like Sojourn, who helped drive the conversation around Overwatch 2.

There are still a lot of questions surrounding the game and its confusing release, not to mention the equally confusing and undefined PvE part that is now expected in the future despite being positioned as a key difference from the original game – but right now, there’s some real Overwatch hype in the air. It remains to be seen how long this enthusiasm will persist.

here are the System Requirements for Overwatch 2 for the first beta.

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