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Paper Circle Homemade Christmas Card

Still looking for your easy DIY Christmas card of the season? You’ll love our paper circle homemade Christmas card idea!

Homemade Christmas card with paper circle.  Super fun Christmas paper craft idea for kids.*This post contains affiliate links*

We love making festive tree Christmas cards, just check out our cute Fingerprint Tree Christmas card, and our motto is simple.

This fun little project is great for little kids, as punching circles is always fun, and for older kids, for adults, I recommend imagining it using a variety of scrapbooking papers. I think the patterns really add something special to Christmas cards.

These simple cards are perfect to make in the classroom, as a card that children make for their parents or friends and family.

Are you ready to create one yourself? It is easy !

Kids Paper Circle Christmas Card Idea

How to make a homemade Christmas card with a paper circle

What do you need:

  • card backing (you can make your own or get blank card backings in any color)
  • blue construction paper
  • white construction paper
  • coffee paper
  • green printer paper (or construction paper)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • circular or scalloped punch
  • glitter glue

Watch the video tutorial

Or follow these step-by-step instructions

If you are going to make the card bases yourself like we did, I recommend cutting a sheet of A4 or letter size paper in half.

Fold and score the “half paper” for a small card.

Put the base of your map on blue paper and trace the outline.

Cut out the blue rectangle.

Cut it down a bit, so it’s a bit smaller than the bottom of the card.

Glue the blue rectangle to the bottom of the card.

Draw and cut out a snowy hill shape from white paper.

Paste it at the bottom of the card.

Cut out a small brown rectangle for the trunk and glue it to the top of the hill.

Punch circles out of green paper. We did 6 of them.

Fold the circles in half.

Glue two halves together, slide them together, making an L.

Apply glue to one side…

And paste on the card. Start at the top of the map.

When you glue the second pair of folded circles, tuck them a little into the first.

Decorate with glitter glue to make snowflakes.

And add gems for a more festive version.

Homemade Christmas card idea with paper circle

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