Parents Of 90 Day Fiancé Stars Who Are Criticized More Than Their Kids

Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa had their troubles upon his arrival in America. However, his mother, Lesina Pulaa, didn’t make the situation easier. Lesina shocked Kalani when she expected $1,000 from the struggling couple. As a compromise, 90 Day Fiancé’s Kalani explained they could only afford a fraction of the amount, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to feed their kids. Lesina was unimpressed with their financial woes and suggested he return to Samoa if the couple were that strung out that he couldn’t abide by his duties as a son. Viewers were even more dismayed to see how Lesina spoke to her daughter-in-law about the money situation. At least Lesina apologized for her behavior and even protected Kalani by restraining Tammy when she attempted to strike her.

Debbie Johnson

To say that Debbie Johnson was criticized more than Colt Johnson might be a tough call, but it’s easy to see where Colt received his chilling manipulation tactics. Colt received his fair share of backlash for his maltreatment towards his exes, but so has 90 Day Fiancé’s Debbie. His exes have scrutinized her for her parenting methods and the way she also treated them. Furthermore, Larissa Lima, Colt’s first wife, even accused the two of attempting to have her deported. Even as Debbie appeared on the franchise for her own chance at love, the dynamic never shifted. It appeared sabotaging her son’s romantic relationships was her primary goal in life, which was evident with Vanessa Guerra and Colt’s separation reveal at the Tell-All.

Betty and Ron Gibbs

Betty and Ron quickly become franchise villains after they were awarded the title of “master manipulators.” Often the source of the Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs’ tension were his parent’s cries of reluctance as their son grew independent. They claimed it was 90 Day Fiancé’s Julia who was the mastermind manipulator by convincing their almost 30-year-old son to move out, but viewers saw who really had the red flags. Betty manufactured tears and Ron like to raise his voice, but the two together were the true schemers.

Although the franchise is supposed to focus on the relationships, parents add an interesting dynamic to the show. Parents like Ron and Betty are often more entertaining to watch as viewers are apt to label their children as dull and repetitive. However, sometimes they add to an even more tumultuous environment, like with Debbie. As the new season 9 airs, some parents, like Jibri Bell’s mother Mahala Bach, are already receiving criticism and viewers are eager to see which 90 Day Fiancé parents will join the list in the future.

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