Pokémon Unite Announces Subscription Service (& Fans Aren’t Happy)

fans of unite pokemon began to express their discontent with the recently announced subscription service that will soon be available in the game. Since the title’s launch, players could choose to play for free and unlock items like cosmetics along the way or by purchasing the season pass. Soon, however, gamers will have the option to opt into a new subscription-based service for unite pokemonand fans are not very excited about the new model.

unite pokemon it was first released in 2021 for the Nintendo Switch and later for mobile devices. The game is similar to MOBAs like DOTA Y League of Legends, where 2 teams compete to knock down the other team’s towers in order to win. In unite pokemon, two teams of Pokemon team up to take down robots to level up and evolve, and rack up points to invest in towers to take over the area. Although much simpler than other MOBAs, its simplicity makes this game easy for fans to immerse themselves in. Like other MOBAs, unite pokemon it allows players to use different skins for their Pokemon, as well as the ability to purchase a season pass to unlock more. Now a new method is being introduced, and so far the reception has not been very warm.

As reported by, unite pokemon enter subscription membership. Each month, players who purchase the subscription will receive Holowear once a month, two free UNITE license trials, two Holowear license trials per week, chat balloons for new members, 10% discount on fashion items for trainers and 40 gems every day. Subscription was announced to cost 1,150 yen each month, and no other currency prices are currently announced. Interestingly, content received via subscription cannot be shared between the Switch and Mobile versions of unite pokemon. However, the announcement of this union left a bitter taste in the mouths of many fans, and some took to Twitter to say why.

Although optional, many fans are upset with the new system because it’s just another form of microtransaction in a game that already plagues them. twitter user TransRatPunk he says that his gripe with the game stems from the fact that the game added an already predatory sell feature to a game that already has a lot. another user, SlytherinRevision2he says that the game’s multitude of microtransactions was the reason they stopped playing it altogether. Finally, the user ImMoonLOL he’s upset that even a subscription service was introduced almost a year after the game’s release, and he’s generally upset with the microtransaction-heavy state of the game in 2022. Although these users don’t speak for everyone, it’s clear that this new subscription The service has many fans upset with the current state of the game.

Although no price has been announced for other regions, this subscription should be introduced soon in unite pokemon. Although the service is optional, fans are generally upset with the number of microtransactions they receive. Many players expressing their unhappiness with this news would rather see this effort dedicated to improving the game as a whole, not just the microtransactions.

Speaking of microtransactions, He also reported that the latest season pass for unite pokemon it was announced alongside the new subscription service, centered around Charizard and Blastoise with a seasonal spring theme. While this news may delight some fans, there is no doubt that this announcement has left many disappointed with the direction the game is taking.

Source:, TransRatPunk/Twitter, SlytherinRevie2/Twitter, ImMoonLOL/Twitter

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