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Printable Farm Animals Finger Puppets

We have a new set of farm animal printable finger puppets for your kids to create and play with.

Puppets are perfect for kids who love animals, like to color, and would love to make their own paper toys!

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Printable Farm Animal Finger Puppets Fun Paper Crafts for Kids

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These finger puppets are perfect for kids who love animals (particularly farm animals) and can also be used as a fun addition to story time. Can’t you see how storytelling will be more fun with these guys around? You can also have insect finger puppets join them.

Let’s go back to the farm animal group, okay? The set includes 6 different finger puppets: a pig, a horse, a duck, a cow, a sheep and a rooster.

The puppets fit any finger as you can adjust the perimeter as you create the “body” of each farm animal (you can cut as much paper as you need to fit around your finger).

Puppets are multi-sensory toys for storytelling and other important social skills, so make sure your kids use them as a fun learning tool while they have fun playing.

Ready to make your own farm animal puppets?

Printable Farm Animal Finger Puppets 2

How to Make Printable Farm Animal Finger Puppets

What do you need:

  • our printable template (get it at the end of this tutorial)
  • heavier print paper (plain paper is fine too, but we recommend heavier paper)
  • coloring supplies
  • scissors
  • glue
  • optional: clothespins

Farm Animal Printable Finger Puppets 1

Follow these step-by-step instructions

Print the model (get it at the end of this step-by-step tutorial).

Color in the animal puppet model you want to create. We are going to show you how to make a cow puppet, but all the animals are very similar when it comes to making them.

Each animal has a head, a body, a head-body connection, and legs. There are also ears, tails, and other parts that certain animals have that will be attached to that specific animal.

You can color them with a variety of coloring materials, but we think markers work best. We color the body of our puppet up to the second dotted line to fit our finger.

Take your scissors and cut all the pieces of the model.

Start by gluing the head (make a paper roll).

There are 4 different perimeters marked for the body, choose the one that best fits your or your child’s finger (or even extend it if needed)

Create the body and press down firmly on the “tube” so that the glue sets. If you don’t want to wait, you can also use a clothespin to hold the tube while the glue dries.

Glue the “head and body link” part onto the “tube” of the body.

Now add a bit of glue to the protruding part of the body “tube”…

…and hit the puppet’s head.

Glue the ears and horns to the back of the head (different animals have different parts).

Add some glue to the “tube” of the body and apply the round body (ellipse) to it.

Your farm animal finger puppet is complete and ready for story time and play.

Print these cute farm puppets now

Farm Animal Finger Puppets

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