PS5 could kickstart a dream generation, if Sony’s first-party studios are there at launch to support it

Did you think 2020 was the year of the rat? Think again. The Chinese zodiac is a long way off: it’s the year of the PlayStation 5. The PS4 Pro was a brilliant stopgap in 4K, but when Sony’s new console launches this winter, prepare for a giant leap forward. There should be no half measures this time: the PS5 will be the true next-gen offering.

As we write this, there’s no doubt that new PS5 details and rumors have been making the rounds online; maybe Sony even showed us the hardware. But until the PS5 is revealed in the coming weeks, we can make some educated guesses here and now.

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All eyes are on the next generation.

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What about the sequel to Joel and Ellie? Is one of the last generation heavyweights coming to PS5? PS4’s The Last Of Us: Remastered suggests that – don’t be surprised if a PS5 version of TLOU Part 2 delivers 4K/60fps Clicker carnage. Likewise, we’re hoping Ghost Of Tsushima gets a nice PS5 update.

Whether you’ll have to pay for these next-gen editions if you already own the PS4 versions remains to be seen, but we really hope Sony offers a free upgrade via digital downloads. Could the PS5 even incorporate a graphics booster for next-gen titles similar to the PS2’s poly anti-aliasing feature or the PS4 Pro’s Boost mode? History suggests so.

While we’re extremely excited about the future in the form of PS5, there’s also the tantalizing prospect of how the supercharged console could tap into PlayStation’s past. Recent rumors suggest that the PS5 could play games that span all generations of PlayStation, from PS1 to PS4. Whether that can be achieved via disc updates and patches or a cloud-based solution via PS Now remains to be seen, but if the PS5 can provide retrofit capability spanning four generations of PlayStation, it would be the console. last for present and past. It is a dream at the time of writing, but here is hope.

With tech specs revolving around the PS4 Pro, a new DualShock to look forward to, incredible exclusive IPs that only Sony studios can create, and backwards compatible features, we’re about to fall apart, we’re so excited. The future of the next generation begins with the PS5, and the future is almost here.

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