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Pumpkin Jar Craft

Make a lovely decoration or a trinket box by upcycling a small jar into – just follow this pumpkin jar craft tutorial.
Pumpkin Jar Craft for Kids

Pumpkin Jar Craft

What you need

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  • small jar (baby food jars are super cute)
  • lid that fits
  • green pipe cleaner
  • orange acrylic paint
  • green acrylic paint
  • optional: black acrylic paint if you’re going for the Jack’o’Lantern look
  • paintbrushes
  • optional: tea light


If you haven’t already, remove the label (we recommend soaking in water or using washing soda). Dry the jar.

Once completely dry, paint the jar orange. If you’re going for the mat look, paint the outside of the jar orange, if you want a shiny glossy look paint the inside of the jar orange. Let it dry.


Paint the lid green. Let dry.


Take the green pipe cleaner and wrap it around the neck of the jar. Curl the ends (wrap them around your fingers or a pencil). If you want your pumpkin to shine place a tea light in. Screw the lid. Your pumpkin jar craft is done.

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Pumpkin Jar Craft

Cute Pumpkin Jar Craft for Kids

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