Raiders Of The Lost Ark Ending Explained

The final scenes of the film see the Nazis decide to open the Ark in the desert, resulting in Raiders of the Lost ArkThe finish that melts the face. Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood manage to survive the opening of the Ark, but find themselves alone with her in the desert. The film then fast-forwards a few weeks to show Jones and his colleague, Marcus Brody, arguing with government officials about the Ark. Although the details of how the US government “the best men” responsible for studying it. However, the final moments of the film show that it was actually placed in a nondescript box and stored in a colossal warehouse filled with many other identical boxes, implying that the Ark is simply hidden.

How Indiana Jones survived aboard the submarine

Widely considered a minor Indiana Jones plot hole, the question of how exactly Indy survived aboard the German submarine in Raiders of the Lost Ark it’s actually relatively simple. Revealed in the film’s novelization, Jones survived by using his whip to attach to the submarine’s periscope, then broke free and swam behind the vehicle as it docked at the Nazi hideout. However, the story actually adds additional context as to how exactly this would have been possible.

German submarines of the time only fully submerged when preparing to attack enemy ships. In fact, they used mostly diesel engines, which required a supply of oxygen to run, meaning it’s perfectly plausible that the submarine moved on the surface of the water. The journey has probably not been a pleasant one for Indiana Jones, but it’s not the plot that was long assumed.

How did the Ark kill the Nazis and who were the spirits?

A death Indiana Jones The most famous moments of the franchise are Raiders of the Lost ArkThe scene that melts the face. However, due to the relatively brutal nature of the Nazis’ demise, the details of the Ark’s supernatural power are not fully explored. This was intentional, as the Ark’s power turns out to be God’s power, and it is through the Nazis’ lack of understanding and due respect for God’s power that they are killed. This is best evidenced by the survival of Jones and Ravenwood as they show due respect to the Ark by not looking.

The spirits that emerge from the Ark are believed to be angels. First appearing from inside the Ark after it is opened, the spirits initially appear traditionally angelic before changing to become more sinister and deadly, killing the Nazis present at the ritual. However, as they are an extension of the Ark’s power, Raiders of the Lost Ark it does not explicitly detail its nature.

Why was the Ark of the Covenant hidden?

The final blow of Raiders of the Lost Ark it is the warehouse in which the United States government hides the Ark. This is revealed later in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull being Hangar 51, a government storage facility for important artifacts of supernatural or extraterrestrial significance. The reason the Ark was hidden is revealed only in the subtext: its power has proven to be incredibly dangerous and must be investigated by “the best men“It is unclear if Hangar 51 officials intend to see the Ark of the Covenant see the light of day, but it is being transported into storage specifically to protect it from those who seek to exploit its power for their own ends.

In search of the lost ark they talk about science and religion

Raiders of the Lost ArkThe depiction of the tangible power of God gives the franchise a supernatural tone (and generated an interesting Indiana Jones theory of the archaeologist becoming an angel). However, the film itself is primarily concerned with the balance between science and religion, and the cross section of the two. Raiders of the Lost ArkJones’s science is Jones’s archaeology, the science of history. As the film’s story revolves around the search for and discovery of one of the most important religious artifacts in existence, Jones faces a crisis of faith: he is forced to cast aside his scientific beliefs and trust in the power of the intangible to survive. .

Throughout the film, Indiana Jones is tested on both his knowledge of the past and folklore, and his ability to respect things he doesn’t understand. It was only by passing these tests that Indiana Jones knew he was not to touch the Ark, proving that knowledge without faith would not have served him well enough. In his reconciliation of the juxtaposition between science and religion, Indiana Jones stands out as a worthy hero, while others have been undone by his reckless treatment of forces they have chosen not to try to fully understand.

The true meaning of the ending of Raiders of the Lost Ark

The true meaning of Raiders of the Lost ArkThe ending of is a statement about power. The Ark represents a power beyond the reach of the average human being, and in striving to use it, those involved are in grave danger. However, Indiana Jones’s respect for this power and his refusal to try to twist it to his own ends make him the true hero of the film. The Nazis’ thirst for power turns out to be his downfall, representing the abuse of power. The United States government taking the Ark and hiding it among the Indiana Jones The many artifacts in the movies represent control or the proper use of power. Indiana Jones himself represents the average person, and Raiders of the Lost Ark sees him accept that power is not for him.

Although its specific message is relatively open to interpretation, Raiders of the Lost ArkThe ending of is apparently a warning. This implies that attempts to capture the unpredictable or uncontrollable are always doomed to failure, and that the most appropriate course of action is to respect the fact that some things are beyond human comprehension. what do you see Raiders of the Lost ArkThe ending takes on a slightly more sinister note, but since the movie shows God with a tangible power on Earth, that might be the right note for the movie to end on.

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