RDR3 Can Bring Back John & Arthur By Just Being Undead Nightmare 2

The tragic death of Arthur Morgan in red dead redemption 2 brought a fitting ending to the traumatized and sick character. His character arc explored a dishonorable thief and murderer’s desperate journey for redemption, slowly improving throughout the game. Unfortunately, Arthur meets the end of him either on top of a mountain succumbing to tuberculosis or at the Van der Linde gang’s camp, shot down by Micah. However, since red dead redemptionis nightmare of the walking dead brings dead characters back to life, Arthur Morgan could be resurrected alongside John Marston and venture into the Wild West with his brother. This could allow players to alternate control of the two beloved protagonists simultaneously for the first time in the franchise.

RDR3is nightmare of the walking dead could extend to other characters who died in red dead redemption 2, like Hosea Matthews, Lenny Summers, Sean Macguire and Kieran Duffy. Each character had a unique personality and role within the Van der Linde gang, but died when Dutch’s vision became corrupted by greed and paranoia. Since each character experiences such rich growth and unique personalities compared to the recurring cast in red dead redemption 1, RDR3 could use the Van der Linde band in a nightmare of the walking dead 2 draft. This story and this marketing strategy could attract many players who appreciated RDR2while building on each character’s story and opportunities.

Although it is not clear what Rockstar’s plans are red dead redemption 3there are so many possibilities with the canon universe and the nightmare of the walking dead text. development in red dead redemption 2The single player mode ceased shortly after launch, with red dead draw Rockstar’s attention in post-launch content. Rockstar Games may be pouring most of its resources into GTA 6, but red dead redemption 2The recent success of could bode well for the future of the western franchise. The nightmare of the undead from RDR1 the success may also confirm that the third game could feature his return. At the time of writing this article, red dead redemption 3 It does not have a scheduled release date and Rockstar Games has not announced any plans to develop a third installment.

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