Reacher Season 2’s Book Jump Is A Very Smart Choice

Reacher season 2 adapting Bad Luck and Trouble also opens the door to a wider array of flashbacks to provide more of Reacher’s history. There have been several prequel books that take place before Killing Floor which explore Jack Reacher’s time in the military. Using the Bad Luck and Trouble plot will make it easier to incorporate elements of these prequel novels in flashbacks.Perhaps most importantly, Reacher season 2 adapting Bad Luck and Trouble next can mean that if and when the Amazon show returns to adapt the earlier books, they will be more meaningful.

eon Garber’s appearance in Die Trying comes late in the book and is relatively light, but his death has a huge impact on the story for book 3, Tripwire. By adapting Bad Luck and Trouble before Die Trying or Tripwire, the Reacher TV series can introduce Leon Garber in a more important role before his eventual demise in a later season, serving as a final perfect reason why Bad Luck and Trouble is the right choice for Reacher season 2.

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