Red Dead Redemption 3’s Protagonist Could Beat Arthur & John

The world and the tone of red dead redemption it is well established at this point, and a lot of groundwork has already been laid in regards to things like supporting characters and historical events. Because of this, a new outlaw could emerge, with a very different personality than Arthur or John, who could react to this preset world in a unique way. In contrast, a character like Sadie Adler could direct red dead redemption 3, giving players more insight into an already established and beloved character. A similar approach could be taken if Jack Marston is the star of red dead redemption 3as players only got a glimpse of his adult life and got to know more about him.

All this assumes that red dead redemption 3 it’s a sequel, rather than another prequel. One third red dead redemption The game could also feature an entirely new setting and cast of characters, retaining only the western aesthetic, tone, and general world-building elements. Whichever direction Rockstar chooses with this theoretical game, there will be plenty of opportunities for unique character creation. The writers behind the franchise have a lot of experience creating iconic characters, so red dead redemption 3The protagonist of could very well be better than John and Arthur.

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