Returnal PC release hinted by uncovered listing

Image: Housemarque Games/Sony

Sony’s Returnal may be coming to PC, if a recent SteamDB entry is any indication. The entry, first noticed by Video Game Chronicle, is for a game codenamed Oregon, but there are plenty of indications that it might be the PlayStation 5 exclusive roguelike.

The simplest clues come from the game tags that SteamDB lists for Oregon. There are things like “roguelike,” “bullet hell,” “third-person shooter,” and “sci-fi.” But many games could fit that bill. However, the game’s update history on SteamDB paints a slightly more convincing picture. On that page are mentions of the Tower of Sisyphus, Returnal’s endless mode, and Atropos, the name of the game’s main planet.

While Returnal currently remains a PlayStation exclusive, Sony has spent the last several years moving its first party games to PC. The move started with Horizon Zero Dawn on Steam in August 2020, and has continued with games like God of War, Days Gone, and soon Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection.

With all these games on Steam already, it would be no surprise to see Returnal join their ranks. For now, however, this remains unconfirmed until Sony releases official word of a PC release. Polygon has reached out to Sony about the listing and has not heard back prior to publishing.

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