RHOBH: PK Kemsley Responds to Sutton’s Dark Response To Robbery

PK Kemsley is calling out Sutton Stracke’s seemingly “dark” response to Dorit’s horrifying home invasion on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Season 12 captured the terrifying encounter Dorit had with two robbers who broke into her home and held her at gunpoint while stealing whatever they could get their hands on. Dorit was an emotional wreck while recalling the traumatic experience to the group. But on the day news of the robbery hit the press, Sutton was more concerned with her French designer who was having issues getting past customs at the airport.

Kyle Richards became offended after expressing her emotion over Dorit’s home robbery to a seemingly unbothered Sutton who claimed to have been “putting out fires all day.” When Kyle asked what type of fires Sutton was dealing with, she explained her issue with her French designer. Kyle was visibly confused as to how Sutton could compare her situation to Dorit’s. “I mean, I wasn’t held at gunpoint. I’m sorry,” Sutton blurted out. Kyle avoided causing a confrontation, but the response rubbed her and many others the wrong way.


Now that the scene has aired, Dorit and PK are aware of how Sutton initially felt about their home being robbed. Bravo Obsessed captured a screenshot of PK’s IG Story post that featured a screengrab of a poll asking if Sutton’s response to the burglary was “Totally fine” or was it “shady.” PK called out the poll and Sutton’s response saying “Shady sounds fun. This is not shade, it’s darkness,” he wrote. It’s also worth noting that 87 percent of voters felt like Sutton was being shady in her cold response to Dorit being held at gunpoint while her two young children were sleeping in another room.

Sutton has attempted to apologize for her onscreen response to the robbery. “I had had a very strange morning and day and I didn’t know a lot about what was going on, so I didn’t know the severity,” Sutton told Us Weekly after the episode aired. Sutton claims she was only “insensitive” to the news of the burglary because she “didn’t really quite understand.” Sutton has been under fire since the scene aired with many viewers criticizing how unphased she appeared to be by the news. Cameras zoomed in on Sutton when Dorit cried her eyes out while sharing the details of what happened that night. PK’s recent response shows that this feud is just getting started.

Sutton has also been at odds with Lisa Rinna over since-debunked claims about paying for a table at Elton John’s charity event. Lisa claimed Sutton didn’t pay for her and Harry Hamlin to attend the lavish gala but Sutton provided receipts showing that she did. Sutton also has lingering unfinished business with Erika Jayne that keeps popping back up. Now Sutton can add Dorit and PK to her growing list of enemies on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She still has allies in Garcelle Beauvais and former enemy Crystal Kung Minkoff. Hopefully, she doesn’t say anything that offends another friend.

Source: Bravo Obsessed, Us Weekly

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