Rick and Morty’s Anti-Portal Gun Solves Its Darkest Unanswered Question

Using Doofus Rick’s anti-portal gun formula, the Jerry from the episode “Mortynight Run” could find out whether or not he is in the correct universe or not. Plus, if it turns out he isn’t in the right universe, the fluid would lead him straight home to be reconnected with his original family. While Doofus Rick’s formula could answer this cosmically dark question, it could also come in handy on any one of Rick and Morty’s usual adventures. If there ever came a time when Rick didn’t have access to his portal gun or Morty was left stranded on some strange world all alone, all they’d have to do is pour this fluid on themselves and they would be brought straight home without further incident.

Of course, along with nearly everything in Rick and Morty this anti-portal gun fluid comes with a catch. While the portals it creates leads to one’s original universe, the universes it guides them through could prove to be incredibly dangerous, so much so that they may not survive the trip home. In this issue, Jerry is nearly killed in more than one universe before making it safely to Jerry’s world, so if Jerry from “Mortynight Run” were to use this method of potentially returning to his original home, he may very well die along the way–adding yet another layer of cosmic horror to this already terrifying situation. However, while the trip may be a perilous one, at least Jerry would know for sure whether or not he truly belongs in his current universe as Rick and Morty’s anti-portal gun would completely solve its darkest unanswered question.

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