Rosie Perez Reveals Her First Reaction To Flight Attendant Script

Part of Megan’s emotional arc in Stewardess Season 1 includes a dynamic of almost unrequited love from Cassie, even as the two share undeniable on-screen chemistry. While the viewer knows that part of this is due to Cassie feeling overwhelmed by her own situation of having to solve a murder she could be charged with, she sees Megan struggle with her own crime-induced situation and feels more and more. disgust for Cassie, her husband, and their son. make her character even more likeable. It ends with a monologue in which Megan details what it’s like to feel invisible as a middle-aged woman to Cassie, and in which Cassie realizes that she can relate to Megan in more ways. than she thought. Cassie also realizes that she hasn’t treated Megan with the care and respect that she deserves as a good friend of hers.

Part of Megan and Cassie’s characters becoming closer at the end of Season 1 is due to both learning that the other is keeping incredibly important secrets. Though Cassie manages to get out of the jam at the end of Season 1, Megan’s issues aren’t resolved so cleanly, leaving the viewer to wonder how this will play out in the future. Stewardess season 2 for Megan’s personal life and the relationship between Megan and Cassie. in the trailer for Stewardess season 2, Cassie appears to have a new role to work for the CIA, making it possible for Cassie’s new job to make Megan and her corporate espionage a target. The premiere of two episodes of Stewardess Season 2 is currently available on HBO Max for viewers who are dying to know what happens to Megan and Cassie next.

Sources: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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