Sam Raimi’s Marvel Movies Comment Reveals How Good Doctor Strange 2 Is

The announcement that Sam Raimi would replace Scott Derrickson as director of doctor strange 2 was surprising. It had been more than a decade since Raimi finished his Spider-Man movies, and there was no indication that he would make a superhero movie again. Also, the director has a very authoritarian directing style, which could be an obstacle to integrating him into the already well-oiled MCU machine. Contrary to all that, Raimi seems to have done very well with Marvel Studios, and doctor strange 2 looks to be one of the franchise’s biggest and boldest films to date, both in scale and story.

One of Raimi’s best-known struggles in directing superhero movies was how to balance all the different stories in spider man 3, as the studio wanted Venom to be in the film despite the director’s original plans. If this degree of interference in the study and the need to bring up certain characters was a notable problem at the beginning of doctor strange 2then Raimi probably wouldn’t have taken the job.

Sam Raimi Directing An MCU Movie Always Seems Weird, And That’s Precisely Why doctor strange 2 looks so promising. Balancing the scale of the multiverse with Doctor Strange’s story won’t be an easy task, especially since Wanda Maximoff, played by Elizabeth Olsen, will also be a major cast member in the film, along with new characters like America Chavez and all the multiversal variants. . that the MCU heroes could have. I meet on the way. It remains to be seen if Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness It will be as special as the other four Marvel movies Raimi has seen, but it all points to good news for the director’s long-awaited return to the genre.

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