Sing 2’s After Credits Scene Explained

This sequence features several minors. characters who dance on screen, including the group of skating flamingos who audition for Crystal at the beginning of the film and the group of tap-dancing tarsier janitors (voiced by Moonrise Kingdom director Wes Anderson) whom Buster recruits to be on his show. He also has sing 2 characters like Buster’s elderly iguana assistant, Miss Crawly (voiced by director Garth Jennings), sweeping away and losing her glass eye in the process.

Post-credits scenes are often used to set up a sequel, but that’s not the case with sing 2. Nevertheless, sing 2 Not having a post-credits scene doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be a sequel. At the time of this writing, neither Universal Pictures nor Illumination Entertainment have confirmed that sing 3 happens, but many sing 2 voice actors have expressed interest in making a third film. Judging by that, and the success of the franchise thus far, a sequel sing 2 it may well be on its way to theaters in the not too distant future.

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