Skyrim Characters You Definitely Shouldn’t Marry

Orla has one of the most unique occupations of all the wedding options in Skyrimserving as a priestess in the Temple of Dibella in Skyrimthe city of Markart. Players can recognize the location of Sanguine’s daedric quest. As a priestess, she has strict morals; if she catches the Dragonborn stealing an item, she will send bounty hunters after the player in an attempt to kill them. She also clearly prioritizes her devotion to Dibella over her wife. If players marry Orla, she will refuse to move in with the Dragonborn, choosing to stay in the temple instead. Players will need to move to the notoriously dangerous city of Markarth just to be near it. She can’t become a follower either.

Cosnach in Markarth is a poor marriage candidate in Skyrim

There are many disreputable characters in various cities of Skyrim, but Cosnach is one of the most miserable of all. He works as a doorman for the Arnleif and Sons Trading Company, where his cousin Imedhnain works as an assistant to the shop owner, Lisbet. However, while Imedhnain found success and even a home through her work in the business, Cosnach was not so lucky. The business situation in Markarth is risky at best, thanks to SkyrimInsurrection abjured, leaving Cosnach with little to do. Instead of finding another job or even a productive hobby, he spends his days at the Silver-Blood Inn.

Cosnach also lives in the Burrows, a unique place Skyrim Location in Markarth surrounded by disease and violence. Her conversations with Dragonborn mainly consist of complaining about her lack of work, though she becomes friendlier with the player if she offers him a drink or agrees to fight him. Once either is achieved, Cosnach will become a viable candidate for marriage. Although he could potentially serve as a traveling companion and even be recruited by the Blades later in SkyrimIn the main quest line, it would be best to leave it at the bar where Dragonborn found it.

The once righteous Angrenor hates the dark elves of Skyrim

Although Skyrim has many cities, each one is unique and unforgettable. Many players remember SkyrimThe iconic city of Windhelm, held by Stormcloak, largely due to the unpleasant reception they receive upon arrival. The scripted encounter shows two Nords, Angrenor Eleven-Honored and Rolff Stone-Fist, harassing a Dunmer for being a spy simply because of his race. According to her, the two will roam the Gray Quarter at night, hurling insults at the people of Dunmer. When Angrenor is not busy insulting the elves, he can be found begging for coins near Windhelm’s Inn. Supposedly, he served as a soldier in the Great War and lost everything as soon as he finished. Later in his life, an injury prevented him from serving as a Stormcloak in Skyrimit is civil war.

If Dragonborn gives her only one gold coin, it becomes a marriage option. However, all of his unique dialogue revolves around his hatred of the Imperials and his combat record, including how proud he is of the fact that he has already single-handedly killed six men. However, despite all the bragging about him, she is not even available to join the Dragonborn on their missions through Skyrim. He also cannot join the Blades. All in all, it’s a poor wedding choice for anyone. Skyrim player who doesn’t side with the Stormcloaks, and an even worse choice for a Dragonborn elf, given his racist view of Skyrimdiverse society.

Temba Wide-Arm has the worst attitude in Skyrim

Temba’s personality leaves a lot to be desired. Players will need to kill 10 bears, a notoriously tricky enemy even at higher levels, to marry her, or even befriend her. Once Temba receives the aspects of her, she will open up to Dragonborn. Her personality is abrasive at best, and she has a lot to say about her current residence from the start. In fact, she will have a lot to say about whatever house she moves into, and nothing really positive. Temba will complain about one of the three lands Dragonborn can buy as part of Skyrimis fireplace fire DLC and will even let the player know how much they dislike more traditional homes like Breezehome if they move there.

His attitude is also unpleasant in other aspects. Whenever she is working on her mill, she can be heard yelling at her apprentice Gwilin of her. If the players ask her to cook a home cooked meal, she will reply that they should cook for her and warn them not to order another of hers until tomorrow. She expresses little interest in any topic the Dragonborn tries to talk to her about and will rudely reject them even after befriending them. In general, the acidity of Temba makes it one of the Skyrimthe most difficult wedding options to work with. If players cross Ivarstead on their way to High Hrothgar, it’s best to keep moving rather than start a conversation.

Octieve Saint of Solitude is not much fun to marry in Skyrim

Octieve Saint of Solitude is often found in or out of Winking Skeever, the town’s main tavern, gambling her little money and racking up a lot of debt ordering drinks day after day. Fortunately, she still has a place to live. His daughter, Evette San, takes care of him and he stubbornly refuses to help clean the house or generate income, even though she struggles to make ends meet. If the Dragonborn decides to marry her in Skyrimhe is likely to bring his bad habits home as well, refusing to help his new wife in any way. Skyrim Players are likely to find their gaming experience much more tolerable without it.

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