Skyrim Mistakes Everyone Makes At Least Once

Most players know early enough that murder is considered an unacceptable crime in Skyrim. Killing or even attacking a non-hostile NPC will result in a hefty fine or arrest if players are spotted, though this shouldn’t be a problem for those invested in the stealth skill tree. However, what might be more difficult to avoid is the hostility that Skyrim the characters will respond by seeing the Dragonborn kill a chicken. Most new players quickly shoot wild animals and livestock that they find on the side of the road.

Chickens can seem like both an easy food source and convenient target practice, and there’s even one located in the starting town of Riverwood. Unfortunately, attacking one of the many chickens in Skyrim It will not only give players a reward, but also inspire all the villagers to start attacking the Dragonborn. It seems like a high price to pay for killing the weakest enemy in the game, which is why it’s one of the most common mistakes in Skyrim. It has even become something of a meme due to the notoriety of the experiment between ancient scrolls fans.

Buying weapons and armor in Skyrim is useless

At first it may seem that money is almost too easy to acquire in Skyrim. It can be collected from enemies and looted from containers around the world, not to mention that there are plenty of valuable items that can be sold to merchants. Some players run into Skyrim also get a bonus for finding gold, and investing in floor perks can make buying and selling more profitable. New players probably won’t worry too much about saving their funds, although they will have to amass a good fortune to pay for all the available houses in Skyrim. It also costs money to buy horses or hire certain companions.

It can be tempting to invest in the weapons and armor available from vendors throughout the game, especially for low-level characters or those struggling to get through a difficult encounter. However, spending money on these things is ultimately a waste of Septims. Instead, weapons and armor sit Skyrim they can be easily picked up from fallen enemies and from treasure chests everywhere Skyrimand are generally an upgrade to anything that might be available in stores. Blacksmithing is another good way to get cheap items easily, and the corresponding skill tree is one of the easiest to upgrade of all those featured in Skyrim.

Most Skyrim players try to fight a giant too soon

Although there are many formidable enemies to fight Skyrim, most players know better than to face them at low levels. Creatures like bears and saber cats are obvious threats to avoid, and dragons only start to show up in earnest when significant progress has been made in Skyrimthe main stage. Some notable enemies in Skyrim However, it may surprise newcomers to the series. The frost troll on the way to High Hrothgar is one such notorious instance, but another more common example can be found wandering all over the map, including in starting areas like Whiterun.

giants Skyrim they are generally peaceful to those who keep their distance, much like their herds of mammoths. Their camps are also full of valuable treasures. Because of this, it can seem tempting for players to get close to them or, even worse, try to start a fight. not just do SkyrimGiants possess impressive health, but their attacks are capable of killing Dragonborn in one hit. Perhaps the most notable of these abilities is the ability to cast Skyrim players in the sky with all partners nearby. While the view from above SkyrimThe vast map can be impressive, but survival is usually not possible. It’s best to resist the urge and leave the giants alone until around level 40.

Skyrim makes it too easy to accidentally steal things

Unless players are looking to turn their character into a thief, many may not want to steal items early in the game. This can be risky, especially for newcomers who aren’t sure how to go about it. SkyrimNPCs tend to work. Unfortunately, it’s relatively easy to accidentally pick up items on Skyrim. Walking too close to a table and pressing the wrong button can quickly lead to SkyrimThe inventory system becomes cluttered and cluttered with items that have little or no value when sold. It also means that it’s just as easy to steal things without meaning to. Players may not realize they’ve seized stolen goods until it’s too late and they don’t have enough time to hit the stealth button to hide from NPCs. The Dragonborn will lose all their stolen goods if the guards catch them. As simple as it is, it’s a costly mistake for everyone Skyrim the player does, as it fits into the game’s control scheme.

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