Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Could Make Its Way To Nintendo Switch Online

All DLC for Super Smash Bros Ultimate is now available for purchase, with Sora being the last To break DLC fighter. The problem of adding all the DLC for Super Smash Bros Ultimate to the expansion pack is that many of the characters belong to third-party developers. The actual business structure of these deals is unclear, but licensees are likely to receive money every time people buy a Fighters Pass or their individual characters. Giving these characters away for free to expansion pack subscribers would likely violate this agreement, potentially excluding Joker (Atlus/Sega), Kazuya (Bandai Namco), Banjo-Kazooie and Steve (Microsoft), Terry (SNK), Sora (Disney) , and Hero and Sephiroth (Square Enix).

There is Super Smash Bros Ultimate Characters owned by Nintendo that can be gifted as part of the expansion pack. ultimate blow Piranha Plant has already been given away for free to early adopters of the game, so it wouldn’t be too hard to include it in the expansion pack. There’s also Min Min’s ArmByleth’s Fire Emblem: Three Housesand Pyra/Mythra from xenoblade chronicles 2. There are also first party outfits for Mii Fighters that can be grouped together. These could be a Fighters Pass expansion pack, which could entice subscribers to try Super Smash Bros Ultimateas they would from the beginning with additional characters and costumes.

Source: Nintendo of America/Twitter

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