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Snowman Pop Up Card

How about creating the cutest snowman pop up card!

This one may seem difficult to do, but it’s actually a very quick and easy project for kids.

Cute DIY snowman pop up card.  Fun Christmas craft idea for kids.*This post contains affiliate links*

The process of making your own Christmas card and gifting or sending it to loved ones is a treasure for a child and a keepsake they will treasure for years to come.

We love making crafts and Christmas cards, and I think this snowman pop-up card is a bit of both.

It’s pretty simple to make, once you figure out how to fold and cut the different parts, and I’m sure once your kids get the hang of this, they’ll find all sorts of different characters that can be made the same way. Snowman Pop Up Card Christmas crafts for children.  DIY Christmas pop up card for kids.

How to make a snowman pop up card

What do you need:

  • white construction paper
  • colored construction paper for the map base (or you can buy the map bases)
  • brown paper
  • black paper
  • orange marker or pencil
  • black marker or pencil
  • scissors
  • glue

Watch the video tutorial

Follow the tutorial step by step

Take the base map (open/unfolded) and place it on the white construction paper and trace around it.

We make our base cards by cutting a letter/A4 size sheet of paper in half and folding that half in half. Small and cute.

Cut the white paper.

Cut it a bit, so that it is slightly smaller than the base color.

Fold the white construction paper in half.

Fold well.

Also fold the colored base paper in half. Put aside.

Take the folded white paper and cut two slits, from the folded side to the “open side”, about a third of the way through.

Fold to one side, it doesn’t matter where, what matters is making a neat fold.

Unfold and push the part you cut into the card (as shown in the image below).

Then, and I recommend you watch the video part for this, you will have to cut two slots again, but only one “page” of the card.

Fold like you did the first time, fold and unfold.

Insert the card, as in the first “step”. Now slowly see the shape of your snowman pop-up card.

If you are working with younger children, the two “snowballs” will suffice, older children can continue to make the third.

it’s time to decorate

Once you have all the parts of your snowman ready, unfold the map and draw all the details, black eyes, mouth and buttons and an orange carrot for the nose.

Cut two thin strips of brown paper and glue them together as sticks for your snowman’s hands.

Add a piece of scrap paper.

And a hat to complete your pop-up snowman card look.

Close the card and apply glue to one side.

Paste it on the base of colored paper.

Apply glue to the other side and close the card.

Finish! Your snowman pop up card is complete.

Snowman Pop Up Card Christmas Crafts for Kids

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