Sonic The Hedgehog Fans Are Gushing Over Baby Shadow

Sonic the Hedgehog fans are currently enjoying a cute miniature version of Shadow The Hedgehog that was recently added to Kart Rider Rush+. Sonic and his colorful cast of friends and rivals have made numerous crossover appearances in games like Minecraft Y Super Smash Bros. over the years, and publisher Nexon’s free-to-play mobile kart racer was the latest to join this list earlier this week, on the heels of its live-action global release. sonic the hedgehog 2. This DLC content consists of microscopic versions of Sonic, Miles “Tails” Prower, Knuckles The Echidna, Dr. Eggman, and Shadow The Hedgehog.

The surname on this list should be easily familiar to long-time people. Sonic fans, as Shadow The Hedgehog was first introduced to SEGA’s world of super-fast pets back in 2001 sonic adventure 2 as Blue Blur’s dark rival. Created by renowned scientist Professor Gerald Robotnik (Dr. Eggman’s grandfather) aboard the Space Colony Ark, Shadow was awakened by Eggman during sonic adventure 2 to help defeat Sonic and conquer the world. Initially seeking revenge against humanity for the tragic death of his best friend Maria, Shadow eventually realized that he was destined to help protect the world and became a valuable (if uneasy) ally to Sonic. and his friends. Since his original debut, Shadow has become a fan favorite and has had several subsequent appearances. Sonic the Hedgehog Games.

Fans have begun to see Shadow The Hedgehog in a whole new light thanks to his appearance as a playable character in Kart Rider Rush+, which turns the typically fierce anthropomorphic hedgehog into a cute chibi form that has been previously dubbed “Baby Shadow” by players. According The playerfans are already flooding social media with memes and fanart of this lovable yet disturbing creature, as the Twitter user HRM_ly07The colorful representation of Baby Shadow strolling grumpy next to floating stars and SapphireHarris comparing it to the Mini Keanu Reeves meme from cyberpunk 2077.

In addition to his arrival at Kart Rider Rush+ and his triumphant return to the big screen in sonic the hedgehog 2Sonic is having an exciting year in 2022. Fresh off the celebration of Sonic the Hedgehog 30Y anniversary in 2021, SEGA has announced two important Sonic games for release later this year. The first is sound originsa remastered collection of various 2D classics Sonic games that will explode on current-gen systems on June 23, though many believe the game’s pre-order options leave a lot to be desired. the second is sound edges, an all-new 3D title that will see Blue Blur race through a visually stunning open world and feature new mechanics like fast-paced combat styles. SEGA promised that Borders take it Sonic franchise in a bold new direction and series stalwarts like comic book writer Ian Flynn and legendary Sonic Composer Jun Senoue returns to lend his talents to Sonic’s latest adventure.

Only time will tell if Shadow The Hedgehog will reappear in sound edgesbut his miniature incarnation of Kart Rider Rush+ it certainly brings the anthropomorphic antihero back into the spotlight. Shadow’s ‘baby’ form is reminiscent of 2020’s equally adorable Baby Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog movie, though Shadow probably isn’t as carefree as his blue-tinted counterpart, even as a cute baby. However, players who do not wish to spend the high sticker price of the Shadow The Hedgehog DLC ​​character on Kart Rider Rush+ You can still enjoy the plethora of fan art and memes this micro-sized hedgehog has already spawned.

Source: HRM_ly07/Twitter, SapphireDHarris/Twitter (via Player)

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