Spider-Man’s New Job Proves He Has Marvel’s Best Resume

This isn’t the first time Peter has had kids under his care, either. During J. Michael Straczynski’s run on The Amazing Spider-Man, which was also drawn by John Romita Jr., Peter became a high school science teacher. It was actually one of the more fitting jobs Peter has had in his career. With Peter’s science background and the difficult time he himself had in high school, he’s the perfect choice to be able to not only teach kids but also mentor them through the trauma of being a teenager in high school.

But that’s not all Peter has done with his scientific knowledge. He’s also been a research scientist and inventor at Horizon Labs. Then, with the help of Otto Octavius, Peter became the CEO of his own multi-billion dollar corporation, Parker Industries. He was also the editor of the Science section of The Daily Bugle for a time. And this is just in the main universe. It doesn’t take into account the jobs Peter Parker had in other universes. In the Ultimate Universe, he began working at The Daily Bugle as a web designer and not as a photographer. So it doesn’t matter which version of Peter Parker fans are talking about, Spider-Man by far has the most impressive resume of the Avengers.

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