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Spiral Christmas Tree Card

This spiral Christmas tree card certainly has a wow effect. Open the map and a 3D tree will appear!

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We love simple Christmas cards, but we love them even more when they’re really pretty (just check out our Christmas card silhouettes, they’re super easy and look amazing).

This card is definitely made to impress! It’s easy for young children to do, but your scissor skills should be good enough to be able to cut a spiral, and you should be fine. If your kids or students can handle that then this little card could be their card of the season.

Let’s make one!

Spiral Christmas Tree Card Crafts for Kids

How to make a spiral christmas tree card

What do you need

  • a card – you can make your own out of construction paper (I think the red is beautiful) or buy blank cards
  • green (or other colored) paper
  • yellow star paper
  • scissors
  • glue

You can also add glitter glue details.

Watch the video tutorial

Or follow the step by step instructions

Fold the bottom of the Christmas card. We chose our bases to be red because it gives a nice contrast to the green Christmas tree.

Cut a circle out of green paper, the circle should fit on the card, the bigger the better. There are many things you can use as templates: cups, lids, mugs…

Now cut this circle in a spiral. The finer the spiral, the better the result: naturally younger children will make smaller spirals, but older children and adults can make a pretty nice one.

You can even make it fancier by using patterned scissors.

Apply glue to the outer spiral “loop”. Paste it inside the card. Let the glue set. If you want to add bright accents to your tree, now is the best time.

Apply glue to the center of the spiral and close the card. Let the glue set.

Open the map and your spiral tree should appear.

Cut a star out of yellow paper and stick it on top of the tree (on the map).

Spiral Christmas Tree Card Idea

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