Star Wars: 10 Characters Who Deserve A Spin-Off Movie, According To Ranker

Captain Rex has become one of the best and most popular animated Star Wars characters over the years, and it is no surprise that a collection of fans would love to see a spin-off show with him front and center.

He is the second-bill main character in The Clone Wars, a side character in both Rebels and The Bad Batch, and has a story with many gaps and unanswered questions. Due to this, a story – animated or live-action – focusing on him, perhaps on his route to Rebels or even during the time of the original trilogy, may make for an immense Disney+ original.

9 Asajj Ventress

Asajj Ventress’ wonderful story did not get an on-screen conclusion due to the cancellation of The Clone Wars, but it was terrifically wrapped up in the must-read canon novel Dark Disciple. Nevertheless, fans would still love to see her as the focus of an on-screen story.

It seems unlikely that Star Wars would ever adapt to screen one of their own canon novels, but Dark Disciple would be a prime candidate if they were to do so. There are not too many gaps in Ventress’ journey that would translate to a movie that would get deemed ‘necessary,’ but with Star Wars’ brilliant track record with animation, full trust would be placed in them to tell a great story.

8 The 501st Legion

The 501st Legion is undoubtedly the most popular and well-known clone battalion. A lot of that is down to their Jedi Generals and individual clones such as Rex, Echo, Fives, Hardcase, Jesse, Kix, Dogma, Mixer, Tup, Appo, etc.

The Clone Wars focuses a lot on this iconic battalion. Still, a solo story perhaps concentrated on their transition into the Empire/their role in it, or even a contained, grounded, gritty war story following them in a crucial mission of the Clone Wars, would be epic.

7 Darth Bane

Darth Bane is one of the most critical figures in Star Wars, being the creator of the Rule of Two, but he is also a legend as a completely badass Sith Lord who fans have wanted more from in the canon for years now.

A story focusing on Bane on the big screen seems pretty straightforward for Star Wars to put forth. Simply retelling Drew Karphyshyn’s epic trilogy of Legends novels in the scope of the canon would be amazing, or just hyper-focus on the general idea and history of the Sith, with Bane’s Rule of Two at the center of that.

6 Mace Windu

A portion of the Star Wars fandom remains adamant that Mace Windu could have/has survived the fall in Revenge Of The Sith, with even Samuel L. Jackson himself believing so. If that is true, a movie focusing on Windu could be epic.

However, that is not necessarily needed for a Mace Windu solo story. Even though he is one of the Jedi that exemplifies what was wrong with the Order at the time of the Republic, being hugely unlikable, Windu is a badass. Seeing him before the Clone Wars in his own film, maybe developing Vapaad, or even leading his own mission in the war – something not seen too often in The Clone Wars – has huge potential.

5 Qui-Gon Jinn

Qui-Gon Jinn is such a wonderfully fascinating character, being alongside the likes of Ahsoka and Kanan as someone who exemplifies what a Jedi should be, and every time he appears in Star Wars, he is fantastic.

In Master And Apprentice, Qui-Gon is terrific, as he is in the comics, so really any story with him at the center has so much potential to be brilliant. Whether it be following his time under Dooku alongside Rael Averross, on another contained mission exploring his dynamic with Obi-Wan, or even a mixture of all of it, a full-on character exploration building up to The Phantom Menace, collating aspects of his journey told in comics and novels, they could all be marvelous solo stories.

4 Darth Plagueis

The story of Darth Plagueis the Wise may not be a tale the Jedi will tell, but it is one that fans have wanted Star Wars to tell on-screen for years now, with the character being such an interesting, critical figure in Galactic history.

The Legends novel, titled after the character written by James Luceno, is phenomenal and could translate perfectly to screen with the appropriate canonical alterations. The character has not been explored anywhere near as much as a lot of fans would have liked in canon thus far, and as the High Republic project edges closer and closer to his lifetime, it soon may be the time for the Muun to return to the spotlight.

3 Revan

Revan may be the most popular Star Wars character ever to have not appeared in a film or TV show, with his status in Legends as an icon and one of the timeline’s best characters being almost unrivaled. Even those with no knowledge of legends are aware of Revan.

The Old Republic era does exist in canon, but it has yet to be explored. The priority, rightly so, at the moment is the High Republic which has been excellent. Should Star Wars look to explore the Old Republic in the future, Revan may be the perfect vessel to do so, with him having such a huge journey in Legends to pull from.

2 Maul

When Maul returned to Star Wars from the dead, there was a lot of doubt surrounding the decision. It turned out to be one of the best decisions that the franchise has ever made.

Maul has undergone a metamorphosis, growing from a one-dimensional badass to a complex, riveting, powerful villain with an interesting journey in the Galaxy and who fans can almost sympathize with. His comics are excellent, every time he appears on Star Wars TV, the episodes are awesome, he has the best rivalry in Star Wars with Obi-Wan, he has one of the best vocal performers in the franchise in Sam Witwer, and he has gaps in his story that fans want to be filled in, making him a prime candidate for his own solo film.

1 Yoda

Similar to someone like the Joker, many fans believe that Yoda is better off surrounded by more of a sense of wonder if his species and his past went unexplored. Still, even if it were not an origin story necessarily, a Yoda-focused film has so much potential.

He so often leads to great explorations of the Force, such as in The Clone Wars, Rebels, and The Empire Strikes Back, and so seeing that kind of quiet, nuanced story with him leading the way could be an ethereal-like experience. He could even lead a High Republic-based story or even one that comes before then; given his age, there is a lot of room.

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