Steffen Beckendorf Sniper Elite 5 kill list challenge

Image: Rebellion Developments via Polygon

Sniper Elite 5’s kill list adds an assassination target to each mission. Each prominent Nazi on the kill list has a an additional challenge, like killing them in an explosion or with a chandelier.

In this Sniper Elite 5 Steffen Beckendorf kill list guide, we’ll explain how to complete the kill list challenge and take out Beckendorf the Butcher in Mission 1: The Atlantic Wall.

Kill Beckendorf with an explosion

Sniper Elite 5 map showing the location of Stefen Beckendorf’s patrol

Stefen Beckendorf location.

Image: Rebellion Developments via Polygon

You’ll find Beckendorf searching house to house through the town in the southwest of the Atlantic Wall map. If you’ve unlocked the Town Promenade starting location, that’s the best place to begin — you’ll be right next to where Beckendorf is patrolling. The Town Promenade starting location is a small campsite in the very southwest corner of the map.

Sniper Elite 5 player about to throw a grenade into a Nazi vehicle.

Stick a grenade to Beckendorf’s vehicle to kill him.

Image: Rebellion Developments via Polygon

Beckendorf and his goons are traveling in a vehicle — an explosive vehicle. The easiest way to complete this objective is to wait until Beckendorf is back in his car, and then attach a sticky grenade to it — grenades count as explosions, and sticky grenades don’t make Nazis panic the way a regular grenade does. To switch to a sticky grenade, hold the left shoulder button to pull up the weapon wheel, select your grenades, and use the D-pad to change to sticky grenades.

Sniper Elite 5 player booby trapping a Nazi vehicle with a grenade.

Booby trap the vehicle with a grenade for a subtler approach.

Image: Rebellion Developments via Polygon

If you’re feeling a little stealthier, wait for Beckendorf to arrive at a house and head inside to search. Sneak around to the back of the car and booby trap it with a grenade. When the driver sets off again (with Beckendorf inside), the car will explode.

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