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Retro Gamer is the essential guide to classic games. Originally founded in 2004, it is now considered one of the most respected voices within the retro gaming community. A subscription to Retro Gamer magazine is your way to find out what makes the magazine so special. Incredibly passionate and authoritative, the authors of Retro Gamer love all things classic gaming, from triple-A blockbusters to obscure tidbits, offering comprehensive, in-depth articles that often can’t be read anywhere else.

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Every month we talk to developers around the world to bring you the best content on the games you loved to play as a kid, while covering the latest news and developments in the world of retro gaming.

“Retro Gamer is as passionate about classic games as you are,” says editor Darran Jones. “We love all things classic games and go to great lengths to make sure you get the best possible perspective on how your favorite classic games and franchises were created, from Jet Set Willy to modern classics like Shenmue. We’re proud of what there is behind”. Scene access readers welcome and do their best to ensure you always learn new things about the fascinating world of retro gaming.

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