Super Smash Bros.’ Best Sword Fighters, Ranked

Despite fans’ initial disappointment with Byleth’s inclusion in To break Final, Fire Emblem: Three Houses Rep turned out to be a pretty unique addition to the list. Byleth threatens her opponents by using her range to control character movements and the space around her to force early knockouts. Byleth’s sword can extend to strike opponents through the stage or above them in the air, catching unsuspecting enemies off guard, and Byleth’s ground attacks are so powerful that they can reliably break shields.

Byleth also has incredibly strong edge protection, with the long range and high recoil of his antennas. They are last on this list due to their particularly slow movement and attack speed for a swordsman in ultimate blow, having to wield multiple weaponry and focusing on tactical strategy rather than the basics. Byleth’s victories are fierce wars of attrition, but mastering the character can be rewarding.

#9 – Sora from Kingdom Hearts is a welcome addition to Smash Bros.

kingdom hearts Sora is the final DLC fighter, and for many his addition was the perfect ending to Final ambitious voyages. Wielding his signature Keyblade, Sora can chain attacks from almost anywhere, such as in kingdom hearts. Between his combo game and his neutral-special magic, Sora can switch very fast and steal early actions with his fast and powerful attacks. His slow falling speed and wide special side of him make Sora one of the safest characters in the scene.

Sora is best in the air, where he uses his buoyant properties to extend his airtime and harass enemies with a barrage of aerial attacks, as well as secure off-stage knockouts. Due to how high he jumps and his special moves, he can even chase down enemies until he reaches the top of the blast zone. The main flaws of him in smash bros ultimate it’s his lack of range and slow aerial mobility, which gives him depth but ultimately clashes with his status as a swashbuckler, a class that thrives on safely pushing enemies out of range and quickly navigating the scene.

#8 – Chrom is Smash Bros. Ultimate is a good swordsman

fire emblem awakening chrome joins Final line up as Roy’s Echo Fighter (a character that shares most of the same moves as another fighter). Chrom embodies an excellent balance between strength and speed. He can sneak in and out of opponents’ range with no problem and has excellent combo chokes on his neutral and forward antennae. The Sealed Falchion sword he wields does not have an active sweet spot (point of contact that causes the most recoil) or a sour spot (spot that causes the least recoil), unlike Roy and Marth, thus giving him more adaptability for position yourself as you want.

His talent lies in taking out opponents by launching a flurry of attacks with high priority and horizontal knockout potential, as his special side. This makes it particularly dangerous around the edge. However, his main difference from Roy is, ironically, his weakest stat: his top special is his only recovery tool and relies solely on verticality, making him predictable. This, coupled with his fast sink speed, makes him very exploitable off stage.

#7 – Young Link is the best Zelda swordsman in Smash

Many will be surprised to see ocarina of timeis Young Link, wielding the Kokiri Small Sword, on Adult Link with his Legendary Master Sword. While that wouldn’t go into series canon, Smash Bros.’ Young Link is far superior to Link due to his short stature, speed, and confirmed knockout, and this continues through his reappearance in Final. Young Link is one of the strongest zoners in Final (characters that rely on using projectiles on stage rather than forcing engagements), but his swordsmanship also allows him to engage in close-range fighting and pull off crucial knockout moves when needed.

Young Link’s fast projectiles are always best served by a defensive playstyle. When used effectively, his boomerang, bombs, and arrows can constantly rack up damage without having to fully engage opponents, taking advantage of his growing frustration as they struggle to land a hit. His antennae have higher recoil, like antenna down and antenna up, and his special can combo hits from missed projectiles to secure knockouts, though the process of lining up these moves can be tricky.

#6 – Cloud from FF7 is an excellent swordsman in Smash Ultimate

the protagonist of final fantasy 7 It amounts to Smash Bros. much weaker than it was To break 4having received several nerfs after his tier 1 status, Cloud is still a fierce competitor in Final. The core elements that made him such an intimidating fighter largely remain. Cloud’s signature Buster Sword features smashing attacks with very high KO power, his antennae have decent range, and most importantly, his Limit specials are still monstrously powerful.

Although his limit is now below a time limit of up to 15 seconds on To break Final, if Cloud can get his boosted promotions during his period, he can finish off his opponents’ actions sooner. Your upload limit serves many purposes. It can be used to acquire Cloud’s first knockout moves, it can be charged off-stage to access his unbroken Climhazzard, ensuring his recovery, and it can be used as a means of forcing enemies to approach him based on their abilities. own terms, as players will want to prevent you from enjoying it.

#5 – Sephiroth is an even better FF7 swordsman in SSBU

final fantasy 7is the iconic villain, Sephiroth, is an almost equally menacing presence in Final. With his colossal sword, Masamune, Sephiroth has the longest consistent reach of any swordsman. Instead of focusing on combos, Sephiroth overpowers almost all of his enemies and lands heavy hits from afar. He is adept at keeping opponents pinned to the ledge after recovering, dominating the length of the stage.

Sephiroth’s movement speed is already moderately high for someone with his reach, but when he reaches his wing, he becomes even faster and stronger, while gaining a third jump. The fact that this feature kicks in faster the further back Sephiroth is in the match gives him notable recovery potential. He adds to all of that his formidable Shadow Flare projectile, which activates quickly and can become a ticking time bomb when stacked, and Smash Bros. fans have another final boss to worry about.

#4 – Lucina is a Fire Emblem Great Smash Swordsman

Other fire emblem awakening As the representative of the Echo Fighter, Lucina is a very standard sword fighter, unadorned or gimmicky, but abundant in finesse. Lucina possesses the exact same moveset as her canonical ancestor Marth, but the differences in properties of her swords alone completely change her rankings. Like her sword, the Parallel Falchion, like Chrom’s, doesn’t have a sweet spot, she’s more versatile than Marth.

Lucina is capable of fighting from mid to max range, and retains the combo strings and fluidity that made Marth so successful in his prime. Lucina is easy to use and seamlessly blends swordsmanship with juggling combos, keeping opponents above her at a disadvantage and dealing them hit after hit. She has one of the strongest neutral games in To break Finalbeing able to win most of his interactions in the center of the stage, leading to follow-up combos or edge guards.

#3 – Shulk from Xenoblade is an excellent swordsman in SSBU

Shulk, from Nintendo’s JRPG title Xenoblade Chronicles, is a truly unique swordsman. He combines the raw power and range available to swordsmen with the special power of his Monado sword to create something completely unusual in Smash Bros. Shulk can enhance his various attributes at will, granting himself more knockback, more damage, more jump, more speed, or more defense.

In particular, Shulk’s Speed ​​Art makes him the second fastest character in the game next to Sonic, and his Shield Art makes him incredibly difficult to kill. Each of these perks has a drawback, but since the player controls the perk Shulk has equipped, an expert can plan what he needs at any given time. Even without his Monado Arts, Shulk can be a tough opponent in smash bros ultimate due to the length and recovery of his sword, but with careful use he can become nearly unstoppable.

#2 – Roy is the best Fire Emblem sword user in Smash Ultimate

In To break Final, fire emblem The fiery prince, Roy, finally gets his time in the sun. On Super Smash Bros. confusing fight’In the list, he was essentially Marth without the advantages of his range, speed, or shock potential due to Roy’s sweet spot. being conceived on the hilt of his sword, and his sour stain being placed on the tip of his sword. This meant that players had to give up Roy’s range in an effort to capitalize on only the closest shots for maximum recoil.

In SSBU, that bitter spot still exists in Roy’s Binding Blade, but its impact has been greatly toned down and the area of ​​the sweet spot has been enlarged. Now Roy only has to worry about the range he attacks from, giving him much-needed flexibility during battle. Roy essentially becomes a better Lucina, possessing most of her strengths along with her increased horizontal recoil potential and a new jab that combines into aerials at a high percentage.

#1 – Pyra/Mythra are the best swordsmen in Smash Ultimate

Pyre/Mithras, Final Representatives of xenoblade chronicles 2wear Great Smash Bros.’ rarely seen transformation mechanism. Deservedly the best swordsman in Super Smash Bros. Final it is made up of two characters who are canonically linked to the Aegis swords they wield. Pyra and Mythra form a destructive duo when in sync, able to outmatch any other swordsman in the game.

Mythra is both lightning fast and combo heavy. He doesn’t have the highest rank, but he has more than enough to make a difference. She can juggle enemies on stage, especially on platforms with antennas, and after racking up enough damage, she can switch to Pyra to knock him out. Pyra is a powerhouse of a swordsman, several tiers heavier than Mythra, with smash and special attacks all focused on big knockdown and high damage. Her special KOs missed at an extremely early rate, and she even has a projectile in her arsenal, which goes largely unpunished if the opponent is forced to shield it, deals high damage, and can KO at a high rate. This makes them the best swordsmen in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

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