Superman vs Naomi Is the New Debate for DC’s Most Powerful Hero

As recurring threats in Superman’s life, he has had trouble holding his own against both Solomon Grundy and especially Cyborg Superman in the past. However, in the span of a page, when she first meets them, Naomi disposes of the two criminals seemingly without breaking a sweat: she first slams her fists into the Cyborg’s face before being seen holding the much fatter Grundy from behind. distance. Like Superman, Naomi has superhuman strength as one of her powers. By using her strength to take down two of Superman’s most powerful villains, DC seems to be quietly positioning Naomi as someone who is at least in the same league as Superman in the strength department.

Recent adventures in the DC Universe have made Naomi one of the Justice League’s newest recruits, literally putting her in the same league as Superman. At the same time, Naomi recently displayed new abilities (namely magical manipulation) that placed her a league above Superman, as magic is one of her greatest weaknesses. Now, it’s not farfetched to debate who might be stronger. Obviously, because these are fictional characters in a fictional world with no definitive conceptions of strength, fans may never get a real answer as to who is stronger, but Superman against naomi is a fun and fresh new encounter for readers to consider discussing.

Naomi: Season 2 #2 is available now from DC Comics.

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