The 10 Funniest Quotes In The MCU Spider-Man Trilogy

One of the best scenes of spider-man: homecoming is the simple montage of Peter Parker’s daily activities as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. It was fun watching him get mistaken for a stolen bike, run into Stan Lee, and more.

The climax came when Peter sat in an emergency exit and left a voicemail for Tony Stark about what he had been up to that day. On its own, that line isn’t that funny, but the pride you could hear in Peter’s voice as he nibbled on the churro was comical.

Happy is not good at his job.

“You are the security officer and your password is ‘Password’?” – Peter Parker (Far From Home)

Poor Happy Hogan has been the butt of tech jokes for years. It was certainly clear in iron Man 3 when he had trouble video chatting with Tony Stark, which is even funnier given how far along Tony is in this stuff.

Peter Parker also had the opportunity to make fun of Happy in Spider-Man: Far From Home. After Happy picked him up, Peter used his phone to try to find out where his friends were. Peter received this dumbfounded response when he discovered that the head of security had such a simple password for his phone.

Poor Mr Harrington

“Did I tell you how my wife pretended to blink?” – Mr. Harrington (Far From Home)

Most of the teachers in this series are there as comic relief rather than acting as potential mentors for Peter and his friends. That’s why they’re played by comedians like JB Smoove, Hannibal Buress, and Martin Starr, who plays Mr. Harrington.

After a funny scene where he rearranges where everyone is sitting on the plane at Far from homeMr. Harrington tried to argue with Peter, including explaining how his wife had lied about being tipped off. He had just eloped with someone else even though they had a funeral for her. Mr. Harrington’s delivery is what makes this line tick.

Peter’s youth shines

“Oh, I love Led Zeppelin!” – Peter Parker (Far From Home)

One of the most poignant things about this iteration of Peter Parker is that his youth comes out quite often. started on Captain America: Civil War When he called The Empire Strikes Back a “very old movie” and continued.

The funniest moment related to this idea came Far from home. As Peter gets to work on his new costume, Happy realizes that he resembles a young Tony Stark. To fit the mood, Happy played Tony’s beloved AC/DC “Back in Black,” only for Peter to enthusiastically call the band by the wrong name.

Confusing advice from Tony Stark

“Don’t do anything I would do. And certainly don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. – Tony Stark (Homecoming)

Many fans pointed out that Tony Stark essentially acted as the Uncle Ben figure to Peter Parker for most of the franchise. Peter sees Tony as a mentor and father figure from the moment he recruits him and this is a key plot point in back home.

This quote appears early on when Tony is giving Peter advice on how to be a good hero. Of course, in typical Tony fashion, he’s toying with Peter and doesn’t really explain what he means. The whole exchange leaves Peter confused as he has no idea what he is supposed to do.

Peter 3 explains his meaning of Spidey

“I got the Tingle thing, but not for the bread.” – Peter Parker 3 (No Coming Home)

After the crowd stopped cheering the arrival of Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker at without coming home, they were invited to a big scene where he meets Ned and MJ. It all centers on MJ’s mistrust given what they’ve been through up to that point.

MJ finds it hard to believe that this is another Peter Parker and his way of trying to prove it was by throwing bread at him. Peter Parker 3 questioned this decision and when he said that he was checking on his “tingle thing” (Spidey Sense), Peter quietly replies with this line.

Ned asks the important questions

“Do you lay eggs? – Ned Leeds (Homecoming)

Ned finding out that Peter Parker is actually Spider-Man is one of the best moments in back home. Ned proudly proclaims that it is “the best thing that ever happened to him”, even though it didn’t really happen to him.

Like any excited friend in this kind of situation, Ned asked Peter a bunch of questions about what it’s like to be Spider-Man. Some make sense and are really important, but others see Ned awkwardly asking his friend if he can lay eggs, prompting an amused facial expression from Peter.

Pedro also asks the important questions.

“Like it just came out of your wrists or came out of somewhere else?” – Peter Parker (No Coming Home)

The filmmakers knew exactly what they were doing with the conversations between the three Peter Parkers in No return home. They got them talking about things that longtime fans have been discussing online for years.

This includes the concept that Peter Parker 2’s (Tobey Maguire) canvases are organic. The whole conversation that the three of them have together is great, but the highlight is that Peter 1 carefully asks if the web only comes from one place or from his whole body.

he is not wrong

“Thanks, Captain. I’m pretty sure this guy is a war criminal now, but whatever. – Coach Wilson (Homecoming)

The classic Hannibal Buress works so well as a comedic presence due to his expert, often deadpan line delivery. This is what appears in back home as Coach Wilson.

After the already hilarious footage of the students watching Captain America pep talks, Coach Wilson turns off the video and hilariously says this line. It’s funny because it’s true since, at this point in the MCU, Cap was on the loose as a fugitive.

The always joker Peter Parker 3

“So, are you going to go into battle dressed as a cool young shepherd or do you have your costume on?” – Peter Parker 3 (No Coming Home)

One of the reasons audiences loved Andrew Garfield’s version of Spider-Man so much is that he brought the jokes in a way that Tobey Maguire never did. This was evident when the two first met in without going home.

As they prepared to fight side by side, Peter Parker 3 posed this question to Peter 2, taking a slight hint at the older Peter’s ridiculous and unassuming outfit. It’s the perfect comedy moment to highlight how great these three are together.

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