The Bachelorette: Leads Who Went Off Script & Stunned Viewers

While it’s pretty common now for Bachelor Nation to be open to having a fantasy sex sequel, when Kaitlyn Bristowe was a bachelorette party, it was pretty taboo. So she was even more shocking when she met contestant Nick Viall before they hit fantasy sequel week. It was a time of progress for the franchise, although Kaitlyn received a lot of criticism at the time.

Hannah Brown

After sending controversial contestant Luke Parker home, single Hannah Brown thought she was done with him. But at the next rose ceremony, Luke showed up, much to Hannah’s annoyance. Although Luke tried to plead his case, Hannah didn’t listen and lifted and moved the rose on the podium to exclude him from the ceremony. It was the first and only time a runway interfered with the props, and it was an iconic moment.

Claire Crawley

Clare Crawley did Bachelor the history of the franchise when it worked High school, and set an uncomfortable precedent. After meeting contestant Dale Moss on the first night, Clare was ready to shut down the studio and decided to drop out of her season after a few weeks, engaged to Dale. Fortunately for Bachelor Nation, Tayshia Adams was waiting backstage, but unfortunately for Clare, Dale looked like an influencer hunter and their relationship didn’t last long.

Rachel Lindsey

Very quickly in his season High school Rachel Lindsay has established herself as a runway no-frills. Her most notable moment came on a group date, when she learned that Bachelorette party contestant DeMario Jackson had outbid his girlfriend to go on the show. Attorney Rachel heard the facts from both sides and decided that DeMario was guilty. Instead of waiting for date night or a rose ceremony, Rachel sent DeMario home on the spot and High school the public applauded his decision.

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