The Batman 2: 7 villains we want to see in a sequel – and the actors who should play them

Warning: spoilers for The Batman follow. If you haven’t seen the movie, click now!

Batman 2 has been confirmed, so we thought we’d enforce the rule of who could show up next in Gotham to take on Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader.

Batman’s rogues gallery is already a who’s who of iconic villains, while Matt Reeves and Paul Dano helped reimagine the Riddler to chilling effect in the original film. As such, there are plenty of villains, new and old, to choose from.

In preparation for the Batman sequel, we opened up the comic book archives and studied each Batvillain’s criminal history to see who would best fit director Matt Reeves’ vision of a smoke-soaked Gotham City. rain. From more dramatic portrayals of classic Batman villains to live-action debuts, all bases are covered. We even added some suggestions on who should play them.

Here are the seven villains who could (and should) be considered for The Batman 2.



(Image credit: DC Images/Searchlight)

Hush is a relatively new Batman villain, having been introduced in Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s “Batman: Hush” in 2002.

Born Thomas Elliot, Hush was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne who orchestrated the deaths of his parents in hopes of obtaining his inheritance. Driven by Wayne’s greed and hatred, Elliot adopted the nickname “Hush” and attempted to bring Batman down with the help of his fellow villains.

As a concept, Hush is perfect for a more grounded Batman villain in the sequel. He is essentially a darker, more distorted version of Bruce Wayne, and even took on Wayne’s appearance in his famous comic book series.

Crucially for any hope of appearing in a sequel, there have already been several hints of Hush in The Batman. A journalist, Edward Elliot, discovered the family secrets of Thomas and Martha Wayne and was later murdered for not taking the “hush money”. Thomas, seeking revenge on Bruce for the death of his father, would be the perfect way to introduce Hush in a sequel.

Director Matt Reeves is equally enthusiastic and tells twitter movies who is interested in doing a version of the character. He tempered expectations, saying they’re still in the planning stages, but said, “He’s a character that I love, that I’d love to see realized, and maybe we’ll get a chance to do it.”

In terms of actors, we can’t think of many more suitable than Nicholas Hoult. The former X-Men actor might get a chance to show a more vicious side than we’re used to. It’s also a great way to bring in some real-world drama: Hoult was reportedly part of a shortlist of two men shortlisted to play Batman alongside Robert Pattinson. It almost writes itself.

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The Court of Owls

The Court of Owls

(Image credit: DC/HBO)

The Court of Owls could be lurking out of sight in Gotham. The Shadow Group, first introduced in Scott Snyder’s 2011 run, are the secret rulers of the city, having pulled the strings of the great and powerful for centuries.

The group is traditionally depicted as owl-masked elites who have become uneasy at Batman’s growing influence over their city. Adopting the use of Talons, near-immortal assassins, the Court attempts to break Batman and bring the city under his rule.

An Illuminati-style group could work well, especially considering Batman was so preoccupied with a conspiracy in the heart of Gotham City.

Batman actor Robert Pattinson is also in favor of The Court of Owls getting a sequel. He told Vanity Fair: “Court of Owls is the best… Yeah [the Waynes] disappearing when secretly executed would be a very, very difficult thing for Bruce to handle. Oh, that would be a nightmare.

While many of its members are anonymous, The Batman could invent an original character or look like someone like Uriah Boone, one of the first Talons used by the Court of Owls. As a leader, someone like bill camp either stephan root Character actors who aren’t notable “faces” and can blend in with the shadows, could get their comeuppance on the big screen. billy magnussen (No Time to Die) also has great looks and the physique required to play a superior Talon.

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(Image credit: DC/Netflix)

The ripping powerhouse has certainly achieved iconic status thanks to Tom Hardy’s turn as the masked villain in The Dark Knight Rises. But Bane is in for a reinvention a little closer to his comic book origins.

Where the Riddler tested the spirit of Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader, Bane can provide strength. Somebody like david baptist – who can also present a sensitive side, as evidenced by his small role in Blade Runner 2049 – could be the perfect Batman in an upcoming movie.

Batman may have laid the groundwork for Bane as well, as some fans believe the green liquid used by Batman during the film was that of Venom, the power-up drug Bane also used.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

(Image credit: DC/Netflix)

vanessa kirby She would have been a part of Catwoman before Zoe Kravitz got the gig, but we think she’d be a better fit for Poison Ivy. There’s certainly room for a plant-controlling supervillain in a city ravaged by floods and likely mass panic following the end of The Batman.

The Crown actor could help redefine a villain a little more “out there” in the same way Paul Dano did for Riddler. For that, The Batman could once again turn to Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s The Long Halloween comic series for guidance. There, Ivy worked for the mob to seduce and brainwash Bruce Wayne to destroy his reputation.

Ivy’s more cartoonish powers may be a tough sell for Gotham’s more grounded world, though there are certainly workarounds – and a botanist’s rack of poisons – that could be considered a suite.

alberto falcon

alberto falcon

(Image credit: Warner Bros. Animation/Netflix)

The sins of the father? No, this time we are not talking about Thomas Wayne. Carmine Falcone may have bitten the bullet in The Batman, but the mob boss’ son Alberto could still star in Matt Reeves’ Bat-verse.

The character may not be as well known as the other members of Bats’ rogues gallery, and that could work in his favor. In the comic series The Long Halloween, Alberto has a starring role as an assassin named “Holiday”, who has killed high-profile targets on dates such as Halloween, New Years, and Valentine’s Day. .

Another murder mystery may seem a bit solved by the time we get to the sequel to The Batman, though the character offers another path into the underworld and deals with the series’ key theme of the long shadow that a family’s legacy can cast. .

In terms of talent, we can’t look any further Kodi Smith McPhee (The power of the dog). The Oscar nominee already has the signature look, plus that perfect mix of sweetness and hidden angst that makes the villain so lethal.

mr freeze

mr freeze

(Image credit: Warner Bros/20th Century Studios)

Mr. Freeze has largely been a figure of fun thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hugely comedic performance in 1997’s Batman and Robin, the classic Batman: The Animated Series episode “Heart of Ice.”

In this seminal entry, Mr. Freeze is recast as a tragic villain who only cares about preserving his frozen wife, Nora. Although he has already joined the pantheon of DC villains as Sivana in Shazam, we’d like to strong brand to take a swing at a meaty role of Batman.

Matt Reeves is also a fan of the idea, telling Collider, “I think there’s actually a grounded version of this story that could be really powerful and could be really cool.”



(Image credit: DC/FX)

Gotham’s drug addiction is already integrated into The Batman series through the introduction of “drops” and their users, dubbed “Dropheads.”

The Scarecrow could take this further with his own brand of terror, intoxicating the populace of America’s rainiest city with his fear toxin.

Of course, it’s possible he was just involved *checks notes* 17 It was years ago in Batman Begins (we’re old) when Cillian Murphy took on the role of Dr. Jonathan Crane, but we think we’re about to get a fresh take on a classic villain. You could do much worse than someone like walton gogginswho has so often shown through his roles in Justified that he can deftly mix being manic with a colder, more calculating composure when needed.

Returning Villains: Penguin, Riddler and Joker

Paul Dano's riddle in The Batman

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

And what about Penguin, Riddler and Joker? To help create a more developed world, one (or all) should return as supporting characters in future episodes. Perhaps one of them can be used to help take down another criminal, as Matt Reeves hinted was Joker’s original plan in The Batman in our interview with the director.

Meanwhile, Penguin will appear next in his own HBO Max spin-off. The mid-level criminal must have the ability to transition easily from the world of television to film. But who knows which villains will join him when he returns?

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