The best Destiny merchandise that proves real life loot can be Legendary

If you’ve been faced with a trip back to Hellmouth for Destiny 2: Shadow Guardian but you’re still not tired of Bungie’s shooter, Destiny’s best merchandise should suffice. There are real life loot gold chests that celebrate everything from the traveler to the tower sweeping robot itself. And we’re not just talking about toys and gift items; there are also comics and deluxe books that expand on the game’s backstory, adding fascinating layers to its sci-fi world. You can even get scented candles that will let you know what Venus or the Moon smells like, because obviously.

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Best Destiny Merchandise

1. Destiny Ghost Vinyl – General Case

Best Complete Destiny ThrowbackBest Deals of the DayCheck Amazon2 Amazon Customer Reviews☆☆☆☆☆

reasons to buy

+Screen Accurate+In-Game Code+Affordable

Reasons to avoid

-Do nothing

Sometimes the simple things are the best. This Destiny Ghost vinyl is pretty much exactly how your helper bot appears in the game, though it doesn’t open the old hive doors or feature Nolan North’s soft tones (either Peter Dinklage, by the way). To make up for this lack of lockpicking ability, this figure also includes a special in-game item code. It will also look great on your desk or shelf.

Even better, there are many different models available if you want something a little more adventurous. You can choose between HunterCayde-6, kill the tracker, lambda, last cityeither saturn moon shells

2. Cayde-6 Funko Pop

Best Destiny Funko Today’s Best DealsCheck Amazon2 Amazon Customer Reviews☆☆☆☆☆

reasons to buy

+Bold pose+That huge headbutt+Cute

Reasons to avoid

-No chicken/ramen

Of course, you can get Funko Pop versions of everyone from Zavala and Oryx to Xur, and of course, they’re ridiculously adorable (from awwww, wook at the wittle Taken King!). Perhaps our favorite, however, is this miniature, big-headed version of Cayde-6. This daring pose perfectly captures his character. He rests in peace, sweet prince. *whimpers*

3. Destiny Grimoire Anthology (Volume I)

The Best Destiny Merchandise for Lore Fans Today’s Best DealsMajorView on AmazonMajorView on Amazon3 Amazon Customer Reviews☆☆☆☆☆

reasons to buy

+Beautiful faux leather cover+Easier to read than Grimoire cards+Invisible artwork

Reasons to avoid

-Not enough new art

If you’re a fan of Destiny’s backstory, this new anthology series (bound in luxurious leatherette and featuring never-before-seen artwork) is a must-buy. It brings together intriguing lore from the earliest days of the universe to the Guardian-filled modern present, and that includes every book of pain: the tragic origin of the Hive race. Because we’re returning to the strongholds of space zombies with Shadowkeep, it’s worth revisiting its early days to better understand what motivates them.

If you like this one, there is also a second volume (“Fallen Kingdoms”) to come.

4. Lord Shaxx McFarlane Toys 10″ Deluxe Figure

Best Destiny FigureToday’s Best DealsCheck Amazon141 Amazon Customer Reviews☆☆☆☆☆

reasons to buy

+Very detailed+Excellent paint job+Perfectly captures the character

Reasons to avoid

-Not many poses

Lord Shaxx is the face (figuratively speaking) of Destiny 2’s multiplayer Crucible mode, and this McFarlane figure effortlessly brings him to life, handy hip pose and all. Seriously, I don’t understand how detailed and accurate this toy is. You’d almost expect him to start yelling motivational jokes at you, just like he does in the game. For around $30, he’s a bargain too.

5. Destiny Razer Peripherals

Best Destiny Accessories

reasons to buy

+Subtle Destiny theme+Really cool everything+Console compatible headset

Reasons to avoid


If you were one of the patients who managed to resist gaming on consoles, congratulations, you definitely deserve Razer’s line of Destiny 2 PC accessories. Razer’s Deathadder Elite gaming mouse (arguably the best gaming mouse ever) has been given a Guardian-influenced paint job, while the already lovely Ornata Mecha Membrane gaming keyboard with wrist rest now has a nice fate map design. And don’t worry if you don’t have a PC, the Razer Man O’War Tournament headset works with PS4 and Xbox One, and comes with the stylish Destiny 2 logo on each earcup, as well as 7.1 virtual surround sound and 50mm sound. Drivers. What better way to hear the drumbeat of a Lance Graviton? Add the mouse pad and the whole kit is suitable for a goalie who wants some real swag.

Buy it in the US: USA
Buy it in the UK: United Kingdom

6. Destiny: The Official Coloring Book

The Best Destiny Merchandise for Artistic Types Today’s Best DealsMajorView on Amazon265 Amazon Customer Reviews☆☆☆☆☆

reasons to buy

+Coloring, but destiny+Relaxing+Seriously, who doesn’t like to color?

Reasons to avoid

-Inconvenience? no drawback

Tired of not finding the right shaders for your Hunter or Titan? Well, you can change all of that with colored pencils. Yes, it’s time to go analog and grab this official coloring book full of Guardians waiting to suffer for your creativity. Pink ghosts? Of course. Cayde-6 with zebra stripes? Why not? Maybe you could even animate Banshee-44 with a leopard print? If someone can do it, you can be a Guardian. Maybe start with light colors…

7. Mega Bloks Destiny Arcadia Jump Ship

Destiny’s Best Mega Bloks Game Today’s Best DealsMajorView on Amazon200 Amazon Customer Reviews☆☆☆☆☆

reasons to buy

+Fits easily on your desk or shelf+Adorably blocky+Teeny Warlock

Reasons to avoid

– A little complicated

It seems like forever since we found our first jump ship, albeit damaged, and took off for the Tower. This cute set celebrates this iconic blocky spaceship, and you’ll even get a little Warlock and Ghost combo to go with it. Oh the memories…

8. The art of destiny

Best Destiny Art Book Today’s Best DealsMajorView on Amazon460 Amazon Customer Reviews☆☆☆☆☆

reasons to buy

+Fascinating perspectives+Beautiful works of art+Extensive

Reasons to avoid

-always expensive

The story behind Destiny is potentially more compelling than what we see on screen; the game went through many forms before settling on what we have today. This art-filled tome covers the creation and evolution of the project from fantasy to sci-fi, and is a truly engaging read. Also, this concept art is gorgeous.

Once you’re done with this book, don’t miss out on the Destiny 2 themed sequel, The Art of Fate: Volume 2. It’s a bit shorter, but still packed with impressive and illuminating work.

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