The Conners Just Proved Louise Can’t Replace Roseanne

While the outspoken Roseanne was always the main character in the original rosane sitcom, Dan gave it his all. The legendary first audition between Barr and John Goodman, who plays Dan, showed that the pair have strong chemistry, allowing her belligerent character to believably confront his fiery side instead of ignoring it, as many husbands would. conventional sitcoms. As a result, the couple were regularly at odds, arguing almost as much as Roseanne and her sister, Jackie. The show also portrayed the two characters as a united front, supporting each other through many struggles, but especially through paternity testing. This trustworthy dynamic lasted until Barr’s acrimonious departure and rosane be rearranged as The Conners.

The Katey Sagal Sitcom Story

Katey Sagal, who plays Louise in The Connersmade a name for himself playing Married with children as Peggy Bundy, the loud and often demanding wife of the series’ hapless antihero protagonist, Al Bundy. Unlike Roseanne and Dan, Peggy and Al were less affectionate towards each other and their dynamic was much less functional: the pair’s constant bickering resembled Harris and Aldo’s partnership in The Conners more than the unstable but devoted couple of Roseanne and Dan. Following Sagal’s turn as an uncharacteristically wild sitcom mother, she played a more traditionally stern but caring sitcom mother in 8 simple ruleswhich again made her a natural casting choice for another motherly role in The Conners. With Sagal’s background as a bratty, explosive sitcom wife and a more mature, no-nonsense sitcom mother, her role as Louise could have easily fit into Roseanne’s old position.

How (and why) Louise de Conners’ romance ignored Roseanne

When Dan and Louise started dating, The Conners he was careful to avoid comparing the character to Roseanne. At first it was a creative approach, with Louise’s first appearances indicating that she wasn’t simply enlisted as Roseanne’s surrogate mother. This allowed the first season of The Conners to deal with Dan’s grief but not dwell on the loss of Roseanne’s character on the show. However, when Dan opened up to the idea of ​​dating again, this approach eventually resulted in rare instances of The Conners completely unaware of Roseanne’s existence. She got a little hard to swallow when, for example, Roseanne still wasn’t mentioned at Louise and Dan’s wedding, despite having been married before. With Roseanne and Dan’s now-grown children playing a major role in the wedding party, The Conners at least referring to his late mother would have been quite normal. Still, the decision at least reaffirmed that Louise and Roseanne couldn’t have been more different.

Louise Shouldn’t Replace Roseanne On The Conners

Although The Conners refusing to acknowledge Roseanne’s memory seemed odd at times, the show’s fourth season proves that this approach was wise in the long run. The B story of The Conners season 4, episode 17, “Great Negotiations and Shattered Expectations”, Louise complained to Dan that he always puts her kids over her, and the story was a perfect way to confirm that Louise didn’t want to be seen as Roseanne’s mother . kids. Instead, she wants her own relationship with Dan, instead of being a surrogate for her ex-wife. This plot, and other storylines from season 4, including one where Louise suggests that Dan build a house for Darlene, to give the newlywed couple some space, leaves The Conners showing that Louise is her own character and not an easy attempt to fill Roseanne’s vacancy.

Why did the Conners have to let Roseanne go?

Although there is reason to The Conners in order to keep Jackie, despite the unlikely decision to have Dan’s ex-sister-in-law perform her second marriage, the spin-off had to let Roseanne go after killing off the character. Another sitcom star famous for playing moms featured on The Conners so soon after Barr’s departure that might have set off alarm bells, but given that Louise was first created on the show, the show said it was only fitting that the former matriarch be gone for good. Accepting that Roseanne is not only dead but that she has played a central role in the series during her lifetime allows The Conners do her character justice while also making Louise a stronger part of the show on her terms. While The Conners Season 4 hijacked some characters, Katey Sagal’s treatment of the Louise spinoff proves that the show can praise its former heroine and introduce a new romantic lead without needing her to replace Roseanne in viewers’ hearts.

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