The Dark Knight: 10 Best Two-Face Quotes

One of the most famous quotes the black knight which is still used by people even outside of the fandom, is spoken by Harvey Dent. He says this as he has dinner with Bruce Wayne, but it has meaning as it is a foreshadowing of Harvey’s fate in the movie.

Harvey is near death when Rachel dies and is saved by the Gotham police. As he saves himself, his face is disfigured and he also loses his morale, making him a villain. The quote can also be applied to Batman in the movie because, in the end, Harvey Dent dies and becomes the hero of the people of Gotham while Batman is alive, but is called a villain by the audience.

believing in luck

“You thought we could be decent men in indecent times. But you were wrong. The world is cruel, and the only morality in a cruel world is chance.

Harvey Dent was a good person before Joker killed Rachel in The black knight. He believed in justice and helped Gordon and Batman achieve it through his position as the city attorney. However, after Rachel’s death, she became immoral and this quote speaks to her cynicism.

Two-Face conveys that you can’t be good in modern times when everyone else is immoral. It is a quote that is also relevant in the world outside the world of cinema and that is why it hits so hard.

Joker’s biggest pawn

“The Joker chose me!”

Harvey Dent is part of Gotham’s trio of protectors, which also includes Batman and Commissioner Gordon. Harvey is angry that the Joker targeted him between them to hurt him more.

The Joker killed Harvey’s girlfriend, Rachel. That’s why he feels Joker has wronged him the most, why he has every right to act the way he acts. He is not wrong because the Joker chose him, but it is only because the Joker knew that he would be the easiest of the three to corrupt.

I wanted revenge in the name of justice

“It’s not about what I want, it’s about what’s right!”

After losing Rachel, Harvey becomes the opposite of what he stood for. He believed in doing good to people. But he then he began to think only of himself. He felt that many people in Gotham had wronged him and he started to go after them one by one to get revenge.

The worst thing is that he believed that he was not doing it for himself, but because it was the right thing to do. Therefore, this shows that he does not think of himself as a villain but rather a hero. Those people can never get back on their good side because they don’t think they are doing anything wrong.

side of evil

“It’s funny… Because I don’t know what’s going to happen to you either.”

After becoming Two-Face, Harvey’s dark side becomes apparent, which has probably always been a part of him. He starts killing people in cold blood and this line shows how truly evil he has become.

Like the Joker, he strikes fear into his victims before killing them. He says that his life or death depends on a lottery, but in reality, he never lets them live. He sounds like a bad thing, as he shows that he enjoys killing people who have wronged him in some way.

Chasing the big dogs

“The Joker is just a rabid dog. I want whoever left him off leash.

The Joker knows exactly how to use words and through this he corrupts Harvey. He convinces him that Rachel’s death is not his fault, but that of those in power in Gotham City.

Harvey is determined to get revenge after this. Instead of going after the man who killed her girlfriend, he starts killing the people who were somehow involved in her death and even innocent people like Gordon who couldn’t save her.

He victimized himself too much

“So why was I the only one who lost everything?”

Some fans may have felt sympathy for him when he said that he lost Rachel, who was the love of his life, while Batman and Gordon lost nothing. The line is touching and viewers can see how much it hurts over Rachel’s death, but it’s not true.

Unbeknownst to Harvey, the man behind Batman, Bruce Wayne loved Rachel too, if not more. This shows the difference between Harvey Dent and Bruce Wayne. They both lost the love of their lives, but while Bruce cried after saving the town, Harvey turned his pain into anger and started hurting other people, even innocent children. That’s why Bruce Wayne is the real hero of the movie and Harvey became the villain.

heartless killer

“Tell your boy it’s going to be okay, Gordon.” Lie. As if she had lied.

Two-Face was not only a killer but one without a heart. He wanted Jim Gordon to suffer like he did when Rachel died. He had to lie to Rachel when she was about to die that everything would be okay. The incident left a huge impact on him and made him malevolent enough to want others to experience what he went through.

So when Two-Face is about to kill Gordon’s son, he tells Gordon to lie to his son. This is an extremely evocative line, as it shows both his hatred and his pain.

a man of destiny

“Heads… you live, tails… you die.”

A classic Harvey Dent or Two-Face move is to flip the coin and make decisions based on that. So it’s a no-brainer that one of his best lines that the black knight Fans of the trilogy will never forget when he tells his victims that their lives depend on a draw.

This quote is what sets him apart as a villain not only in Christopher Nolan’s movies, but in the DC Universe as a whole. Hearing or reading this quote, any fan can easily guess that he is from Two-Face.

believe in batman

“One day, Batman will have to answer for the laws he broke. But us… not that crazy man.

Before he became Two-Face, a malevolent villain, Harvey Dent was a good man. He helped Batman and Gordon maintain justice and order in Gotham City. Not only that, he believed in Batman and didn’t want him to stop being the Caped Crusader.

When Joker asked Batman to reveal his identity, he took a chance and said that Batman didn’t have to give in to a madman like Joker and accept defeat. He wanted Batman to fight Joker because he believed that Batman had the potential to save the city from falling. Thus, this quote recalls the good side of Harvey Dent before the Joker corrupted him.

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