The Flash Movie Star Sasha Calle On Being First Latina Supergirl In DCEU

The Flash’s Calle is one of a handful of actresses to have ever suited up as Supergirl. Alongside Benoist and Slater, Laura Vandervoort played Kara Kent on Smallville in season 7 while appearing for a few episodes in seasons 8 and 10. Only time will tell if Calle’s Supergirl is still Kara or perhaps Lara Lane-Kent, as online theories have suggested due to the costume design that she has in the movie. Even if she’s still Kara, it remains to be seen if the DCEU film will still retain her status as Superman’s cousin, whether it be Henry Cavill’s Kal-El or a Man of Steel from another universe.

Calle being the first Latina to get cast as Supergirl is something that has been seen with other superhero properties as well. A prime example is that both The Flash TV show and the movie have Iris West being played by Black actresses, with Candice Patton in the Arrowverse, while Kiersey Clemmons stars in the DCEU version. Since The Flash will focus a lot on the Multiverse, there is no reason why Supergirl—should she be from a parallel Earth—couldn’t look different. Having more inclusivity in properties like the DC IPs allows for more representation and for these films and TV shows to reflect the real world. With Calle making her debut in The Flash movie next year, hopefully, it also leads to Supergirl getting her own DCEU film down the line.

Source: V Magazine

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