The Nun 2: Next Conjuring Universe Movie Finds Director

Conspiracy The universe was a financial success for Warner Bros. and New Line, but the series has struggled with critics in recent years. The last two spin-off movies, the nun Y annabelle come home were not well received, and even The spell: the devil made me do it it ended up being the worst rated of the three main films. The demonic nun Valek, who debuted in The spell 2he is an interesting character the nun it definitely left the door open for a sequel. But with the critical response from the nun, it seems useless to continue with the scenario. After all, there are several other spin-offs that Warner Bros. could focus on, such as crooked manwhich has been stuck in development limbo since 2017.

With all this in mind, the nun 2 has a chance to get the franchise back on track. Although the curse of la llorona Y the spell 3 were not well received, the director has a better understanding of the franchise than someone who has never worked on a horror movie. We don’t know why Corin Hardy, the director of the nun, isn’t returning for the sequel, but it’s likely that Warner Bros. and New Line decided to go with someone else after the first film’s poor reception. With the first footage recently shown at CinemaCon and the nun 2 Now that it has a director, there will be more news on the sequel soon.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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