The Original Alien 2 (Before James Cameron’s Aliens)

Alien 2: On Earth It’s not very good, but fans of that period of Italian horror or gory B-movies should have a good time with it. His brazen attempt to take advantage of Alien Fox didn’t go unnoticed either, with the studio attempting to sue the film’s creators. However, when it was discovered there was a 1930 novel also called Alienthis claim was dismissed. Alien 2: On Earth might lack the production value or inventive imagery of Alien, but the cave in which the characters find themselves trapped is genuinely strange in itself. Also, once the creatures, which don’t look much like HR Giger’s xenomorphs, start attacking, it gets extremely bloody.

Since it’s a low-budget Italian rip-off, it also adds weird subplots, like main character Thelma being telepathic. She even blows the head off a member of the group – who was taken by the alien -, scanners-style. Alien 2: On Earth It also ends on a dark note, where even though Thelma escapes the cave, the outside world isn’t much safer. obviously james cameron aliens it’s the best movie but Alien 2: On Earth it is not without charm.

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