The Vampire Diaries: Elijah’s 10 Wisest Quotes

Elijah had been in love a few times (with Tatia, Katherine, and Haley). He had also lost them all, both as a result of his own device as well as for reasons beyond his control, so he knew a thing or two about love that ends. Here, he was trying to tell Sabine that love wasn’t mere attraction.

To love someone was to give oneself over to them, and also hand them the weapon to destroy you if they so wished. Love was more of a battlefield for Elijah, but there was truth in his words.

Elijah On The Value Of Trust In A Relationship

“Niklaus, If We Cannot Trust One Another, We Cannot Work Together.”

Klaus had it in him to be wise, but his paranoia and thirst for power took over every other emotion. Klaus mostly took this out on his family, and Elijah tried to explain to him that they couldn’t work together if Klaus refused to trust him.

This holds true for almost every working relationship — there has to be a large measure of trust and faith in the other person for a fruitful outcome. Elijah knew this better than anyone, even though his trust had been broken several hundred times.

Elijah Teaches Rebekah That Sometimes Her Mind Holds Her Captive

“Well Then Go. You Are Free.”

The Original sister Rebekah struggled a lot with her identity, especially in relation to her family. One of the reasons that fans love Rebekah was because she had an unwavering loyalty to her Original siblings, with them all pledging to be together “Always and forever.” However, there were times that this oath did put her in a position she didn’t want to be in.

When she wanted to put the Mikaelsons behind her, Elijah reminded her that she was free to do as she pleased, and her shackles were all in her head. He wasn’t one to take someone’s liberties from them, and he wasn’t going to do it to Rebekah. When she wanted to leave, he told her sagaciously that she was free to do what she pleased.

Elijah’s Determination

“Well, I’ve Given Up On Giving Up. It’s An Affliction.”

While talking to Davina, Elijah revealed that, for a supernatural being who was over a thousand years old, he was strangely determined. Fans could have pegged him for being a cynic, but he was no pessimist. Elijah was a big scary Original who viewed the glass as half-full and he never gave up on his family.

He put it rather poetically that he had learned enough to know that as long as he was alive, giving up was never an option, so he kept trying and kept doing what he had to do till he reached his destination.

Elijah Reminds Klaus About How Family Works

Klaus: “This Is Not A Democracy!”Elijah: “You’re Quite Right. This Is Family.”

Being an all-powerful Hybrid made Klaus believe that he led the Mikaelson family. He often treated it like an autocracy, even stating his superiority over his siblings, but Elijah was quick to remind him that a family does not work that way.

A family deals with love, care, and consideration for each other, which Elijah understood well. Sadly, he had to always try to explain this simple fact to his siblings all the time, but he never shirked away from it.

Elijah’s Penchant For Fixing Things

“The Definition Of The Word Broken Suggests That Something Can Be Fixed.”

There are plenty of things fans can ignore about Elijah, but his will to fix a bad situation rather than give up on it cannot be missed. Hayley could see how shattered family ties were within the Originals, and when she told him, he merely said that by virtue of being broken, his family could be fixed.

Some would say this was blind optimism, but this wisdom applies to various other things. In a world where instant gratification is the norm, learning to sit with and then mend something imperfect is a skill only someone as old as Elijah would know about.

Elijah On True Love

“Do You Have Any Idea How Rare Love Is?”

Being a diehard romantic has its perks and pitfalls, the latter being that true love is hard to come by. Elijah had been around for centuries, yet he had only fallen for someone truly, only a handful of times. This was what he was trying to reiterate to Hayley in this quote.

It may seem like love is always around the corner, but that is hardly ever the case. True love is rare, and it must be cherished and maintained with care or else it will slip away like everything else in life.

Elijah Beseeches Niklaus To Be Better

“Niklaus, I Understand Your Anger, But I Implore You, Be Better Than Him. Do What He Could Not. Demonstrate The Grace Of Mercy Rather Than This Petty Cruelty.”

The Originals were all brutal, and there were no two ways about it. They hurt, maimed, and killed as they pleased, but Elijah still managed to see the other side, sometimes. He could see that there were times when mercy and kindness did the job better, which was why he beseeched Klaus to see the same.

Needless violence was not something Elijah advocated for unless it came to his family and protecting them. He still valued human and supernatural life more than his siblings.

Elijah Assures Hayley Of Her Freedom Of Choice

“You Will Always Have A Choice.”

Sometimes, Elijah showed his brilliance and wisdom in the fewest words, and this was one of those times. As Hayley struggled with the knowledge of her betrothal to another man, she was desperate to know that she still had free will in the matter.

Elijah reassured her beyond a doubt that nothing stood between her and her choice, and that she could exercise it when she wished. He knew that nothing was greater to a human than their liberty and choice.

Elijah On The Importance Of Feminism In Practice

“As A Devout Feminist, I Refuse To Say You Hit Like A Girl.”

Even in casual conversation with Mia, Elijah’s intelligence leaked through. He identified as a feminist, and not just because it suited the times, but because he really did believe in the cause. This was why he minded his speech, and didn’t disparage women even in the simplest jibe.

The level that his mind was at was proved in this quote, and that level was much higher than average. Elijah was a truly spectacular vampire, who was also wise and intellectual beyond imagination.

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