There’s something very ironic about the Avengers’ newest recruit

This week, a former villain who recently realized his life was largely a fabrication created by the devil put aside his differences for the greater good and joined the Avengers. For the Avengers, that’s nothing new… except, perhaps, how technically their newest recruit is Batman.

Nighthawk, a night bird-themed supervillain, is a permanent member of the Squadron Supreme, established in 1969 as Marvel Comics’ first team of supervillains based entirely on DC Comics’ Justice League. And now he is an Avenger! You’d think after all these years he’d miss all the ways comic book superhero universes cannibalize each other, but he really doesn’t. Batman is in The Avengers! Rock on, amazing little plot, you.

What else is going on in the pages of our favorite comics? We’ll tell you. Welcome to Monday Funnies, Polygon’s weekly list of books our comic editor has enjoyed over the past week. They’re part society page on the life of superheroes, part reading recommendations, part “check out this cool art.” There may be spoilers. Maybe there isn’t enough context. But there will be great comics. (And if you missed the last edition, read this.)

Avengers #55

Image: Jason Aaron, Javier Garron/Marvel Comics

Do I care much about the Squadron Supreme? About Knighthawk? Honestly no. But do I appreciate a reasonable laugh about Fake Batman joining the Avengers? Yes of course.

Catwoman #42

Catwoman is lounging on a rooftop, framed in the sights of a sniper rifle, explaining over the radio that she's wearing Black Mask's stolen skull mask and that if her sniper tries to kill her, it will break in Catwoman #42 (2022).

Image: Tini Howard, Nico Leon/DC Comics

Now East that’s how you play Catwoman as the hero who’s still a world-class thief: she steals Black Mask’s mask off her face and holds it for ransom, then you show her off with this absolutely stunning full-page splash. Tini Howard and Nico Leon cat Woman it’s quietly becoming one of my trusted favorites.

Wolverine #20

Deadpool attempts to parachute onto Krakoa using a Deadpool-brand parachute only to be blown to pieces by a techno-biological missile system.

Image: Benjamin Percy, Adam Kubert/Marvel Comics

The Wolverine and X-Force books by writer Benjamin Percy were very serious stories about serious people facing serious problems. That’s part of the reason why I’m really here for an absolutely Looney Tunes story about Deadpool (Ralph Wolf) desperately trying to set foot on Krakoa and join X-Force (eating sheep) while Wolverine (Sam Sheepdog) stops at every corner.

Fridge Full Of Heads #6

Image: Rio Youers, Tom Fowler/DC Comics

i was a big fan of basket full of headsand a fan of how its sequel, fridge full of headsexpanded the initial premise of the lonely girl in a single night of terror to a full evil Dead/jaws gonzo horror action premise. When Chekov’s undead shark head finally descended from the chimney to gnaw at the villain, who had transformed into a hideous snake monster using a magical belt, perfectly in half, I was eminently satisfied.

But when, a few pages later, the villain’s upper torso made its shocking traditional reappearance with ax in hand to split our heroes apart, it was only for writer Rio Youers and artist Tom Fowler. reveal that belt fell on the shark’s head, turn the shark’s head into a huge shark-headed snake monsterand the snake head (shake? growl?) fell on the bad guy and devoured him – I laughed for a good minute. Bless this comic for knowing exactly what it is, and Fowler for making the most of it.

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