This is the one Apple TV trick everyone needs to know

Old dogs can learn new tricks, as is the case with the Apple TV trick I just learned last weekend. While I’ve loved the Apple TV 4K for a while — it’s my favorite of our top streaming device picks — I had no idea its remote was customizable.

That changed last weekend after I wrote that I didn’t like the fact that the Apple TV remote didn’t have a home button. It seemed to me that Apple only offered a TV button that opened its TV app, an app that Apple seems intent on promoting as the real brains of Apple TV. It has an Up Next queue, collects the Apple TV channels you buy, and provides access to buy and rent movies and TV shows (replacing iTunes).

After my article was published, I received a tweet from a reader judge sigmund explaining that it could somehow solve my problem. No, Apple doesn’t make an entirely new remote. I didn’t realize there was some sort of hidden fix in the Apple TV Settings app.

Actually, you can reconfigure the TV button to become the home button, in just three simple steps that I have listed below. Why would you do it?

Well, I guess a lot of Apple TV owners just don’t use the TV app. Apple may pitch it as home base, but it lacks Netflix integration to begin with. Second, while the Up Next queue exists (and can be changed), there is no way to send programs to it from other applications. Mainly, you’re supposed to search for shows and movies in the TV app and click the Next button to add those titles to that queue.

In third place? Well, even if I use the Apple TV a lot the TV app only covers a fraction of what I do with the device. It is not linked to YouTube or Twitch, nor does it interact with the Fite app. So for me (and maybe others), the home screen will probably always be my true “home”.

How to turn the TV button on the Apple TV remote into a Home button

one. Open the Settings app from the Apple TV home screen.

The Settings app is highlighted on the Apple TV home screen

(Image credit: Future)

two. Select Remotes and Devices.

Remote controls and devices are highlighted in the Apple TV Settings app

(Image credit: Future)

3. click the tv button to change the setting to Home.

The TV button is highlighted in the Apple TV Settings app

(Image credit: Future)

You have replaced the TV button in the TV app with the home screen!

The Apple TV Remotes window in the Settings app

(Image credit: Future)

As for what to watch next? Apple TV Plus looks to have another hit to come, so check out our guide on how to watch WeCrashed online. In other TV news, a major daytime talk show is ending after 31 seasons.

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